Whos the best?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Potential, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. While watching CSI:Miami last night (episode about a sniper taking people out in rush hour) Calleigh made reference to the Marine Corps being "the best snipers in the world".

    My gut reaction was "yeah right - septic supremacy syndrome" but then as a civvy decided that I'd better ask those who know more about it than me!

    So, are the US marines the best snipers in the world? And if they're not then who are?
  2. Wait a minute- the CSI Miami I watched last night was the one with the crazy lady who looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt killing her ex-boyfriends enemies? Do you not have channel five? ?)

    Nothing useful to add to who has the best snipers- all very subjective.
  3. Q: Best snipers?
    A: The Finns.
  4. The last international sniper competition had a team from the American National guard come first.
  5. As previously stated, its all very subjective.
    If you are going off just being good shots, you have take into account that alot of the american boys are raised with guns, and as with most people at the top of their field, doing it from an early age whilst muscles and abilities develope etc is a real advantage.
    This is why the british are the worlds best at fighting outside pubs and indulging in swamping games.
    It's in the blood.
  6. IMHO - There's a big difference between being a good 'marksman' and a good 'sniper' - I'm afraid the word 'sniper' is bandied around far to often when in actual fact what they mean is someone who's a bloody good shot!
  7. Not everyone's in the UK!
  8. The best sniper in history, is the bloke who used to work with an air rifle on a Saturday morning, from the singly accommodation blocks in Montgomery Lines.

    Legend has it that the shooter was working out of 9 Sqn's accom but nobody ever caught him so we'll never know.

    The Saturday Morning Sniper's main targets were the birds doing the 'walk of shame' out of the blocks after a good Friday night rogering when the pubs had shut.

    They'd be hobbling bandy-legged towards the cookhouse. All their clobber was looking stretched and ripped because the bloke they'd copped off with had put their dress on as soon as they'd gone to sleep, in order that he could do a "Tales of the Unexpected" dance to freak the other lads out.

    As if all this wasn't bad enough, the SMS would start firing pellets at them as they made their way towards the back gate. Their arrses were usually 'sniper gold' and almost impossible to miss. I remember coming out of the cookhouse one Saturday morning and being greeted by the unusual sight of two boilers, pepper-potting their way up the path, to the accompaniment of Zzzzing noises.

    A passing 1 Para Sergeant congratulated them both on their excellent use of available cover.
  9. If by "The best" you mean most successful then I would have to nominate the Russian snipers of WW2.

    Over 40,000 kills/wounding of German troops by Russian snipers..

    Don't think anyone else comes even close.

    Individual best would probably be Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko. SHE had a total of 309 confirmed kills including 39 enemy snipers..
  10. Until recently, a Canadian sniper held the ' best' status for a long range shot/kill in Afghanistan [ while attached to a US unit and saving a septic butt ], but, just last month his distance shot was bettered by a US Marine sniper, also in Afghanistan who took out a Taliban at the upper end of ' long range '...there was a brief news report from the Pentagon buried in the back pages of the press as it isn't ' politically correct ' to suggest that some all-American apple pie lad has been turned into a deadly assasin.
  11. Although my man never actually killed anyone, his effectiveness in sanitising a piece of ground for the entire Summer of 1989 has to be commended. In the official records he has, as confirmed against his name -

    482 - Corn beef leg hits
    742 - Saggy Knocker shots
    615 - Low quality handbag strikes
    85 - Bingo wings including a single shot that went through one and lodged in the other on a woman known only as Splashplates.

    As well as the above, he is credited with ruining over 50 pairs of Ron Hills. More than 150 pairs of white stilletoes had to have their heels repaired as a direct result of the sniper's actions.

    Although Lyudmila is obviously a bit tasty (at shooting), the Saturday Morning Sniper still edges it in my book.

    The repercussions of his capture would have been terrible to behold. There was a "free scoff at Tony's" contract out on him. Had those Aldershot ladies got him, the poor lad would have been fat-fannied to death.
  12. Hahahaha I was there!!!

    Other targets used to include people coming back from Tescos (milk always looked good when shot), new blokes coming back from the sqn offices, anyone stagging on the back gate (that was something that caused a fuss as someone whinged after they dropped their gat, the box at the back gate was crap). Also happened when the guards were on the camp, I think the campaign upped slightly then, especially after they decided to build a pants sanger type sandbag wall at the back gate with a plastic chair for a second bloke to sit on.

    Walking from the Sqn carpark after shopping was fun as you had to use the blocks for cover. Used to change fire positions after every shot and use a spotter (rifle had pump up cartridges).
  13. Not only at shooting it seems..

  14. The individual best is held by a Finnish guy with something in excess of 500 confirmed soviet kills.
  15. RTFQ


    Not only was this guy good in his own right, but he spawned a series of copycat snipers that ran at least until June-ish 98, when a certain 2Lt RTFQ walked between the blocks of (if I remember rightly) Arnhem (or Bruneval?) Lines whislt on orderly officer. They were the blocks that looked like a badly beaten suburb of beirut near the hospital hill back gate anyway.

    There I was, practising my swagger and secretly rehearsing in my mind what I would say if someone saluted me (good evening soldier, carry on son, marvelous day what? all vying for top spot), when what can only be described as a crossbow bolt twanged into the grass beside me. Followed by another from a different direction. Then I saw a low-brow type leaning from one of first floor windows in naught but a towel, trying to draw a bead on me with (what I hoped) was an air rifle.

    I relied on both my Sandhurst training and my newly aquired 7.36 min BFT (Downhill at tregantle fort :wink: ) and made like a swastika back to the guardroom and into the arms of a SNCO, who helpfully pointed out an alternate route to the back gate that I might consider.