who's that full screw rp in blandford ?

The RP's are there to do a job like everyone else on camp. the "new full screw" (a bloody good mate of mine) is not there to be scary he's there to enforce whats left of "discipline" on camp. If you think he's a joke why don't you go and tell him to his face as apposed to bitching like the little fag I suspect you are!
carpetsfm7sr94champs said:
what's the score with the rp's in blandford? and what's with that full screw rp,is he sopposed to be scary ? if you want my opinion i think there a joke ?
I dont think you have the right idea about this forum! Yeah its to find out what other people think about things, but not realy to make scathing remarks about individuals.

If you dont like the 'RP' for what they do then thats a fair one, but someone has to do it! I cant understand, personaly, why some RP's take such relish in shouting at people and seek to be so apt at army bulsh1t, but thats 'whatever does it for you'!!!

I do however think that a few laps around the running track wouldnt go amiss for the blandford ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come on, Hairy_Arrse. Don't you think that RP staff should be really soft and fluffy? I reckon that the cells could be converted to relaxation rooms and filled with baloons and sweets.

Or maybe, like the name suggests, they should be Regimental Police, and not your friendly uncle. Why did the first fella ask if his RP cpl was supposed to be scary? Maybe his pants are wet and he doesn't know if he's frightened or excited.
carpetsfm7sr94champs said:
what's the score with the rp's in blandford? and what's with that full screw rp,is he sopposed to be scary ? if you want my opinion i think there a joke ?
RP staff are not there to make friends. They are there to enforce day to day shop floor discipline under the control of the RP Sgt and the RSM.

Stop bloody whining.

It's training, you're in the Army for fks your gonna get shouted at, live with it or hand your bedding in. Do what your told, wear your uniform properly, march where your supposed to and stop holding your boyfriends hand and maybe the big bad scary man won't cover you in spittle. If he does live with it. If you can't take the odd blking you're in the wrong job coz it don't stop.
The only reason poeple have any form of a problem with RP staff is because they are the non conformist 'Kevins' that have been seeping into the army since the advent of the so called playstation generation. They have no concept of the term self discipline and need to have it rammed down their throat on a daily basis to bring them to anywhere near the required standard....
They are there to serve a purpose and if people were as willing to subscribe to the rules are they were to draw their monthly wage then their job and, ultimately, everybody elses lives would be considerably better.

If you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen....
To be honest the RP's are a lot more chilled out than they were 5 years ago. No longer do they hide in the bushes to jump out sprogs. At the end of the day they're doing a job, they only hassle trainees, they leave the upgraders/courses alone (apart from parking). So if you're bitching about being gripped then you're a sprog, get used to it.
Ha Ha!
I was just gonna ask does anyone remember good old Cpl "Robbo" Robertson from '97. I distinctly remember marching out of the med centre once when he stepped out from behind a bush and asked if I was a "bird or a tech" when i replied "niether Cpl" I was then told that I had no excuse to act "like a fanny by going sick" and recieved one of his special show parades along with half the camp that night.

Hope he's dead now the cnut!
Returning to the subject. The said NCO got me a nice double one in training. Woke up bright and early on my 21st, while our course was marching up to the Echo TP lines. The same muppet on our course that always talked while we were marching, you know the one's there's one every course, wouldn't shut up and low and behold said RP jumped out of bushes and gave us a blkin and the compulsory show parade that evening, great start to my birthday lol. Anyway by lunchtime feeling a bit depressed I sat down on the benches just accros from Benbo block by the cookhouse and had a smoke, really should have known better, low and behold guese who jumps out lol? Gutted to say the least lol. Double show parade. Come the evening prior to his usual speed march around the MT and Radex Sysex lines he's doing his inspection. From somewhere I suddenly developed some suicidal balls and asked him in my weak and feeble phase 2 voice "Staff it's my 21st and the lads were having some drinks for me, could I possibly do my second show parade tomorrow?"
"How old are you?"
"21 staff"
"21 times around the MT it is then thanks to gobshit here!!!!"
I thought the others where gonna rip me to shreds there and then!!! Thankfully he only took us twice and needless to say I was still stood there later that night in Barracks dress. :lol: :lol:
Not quite RP but I think it's good. I was sent on a Gds Bde drill course at El Ballah as part of qualification for Ssgt. You can imagine how they felt about having a sybill sgt with them. Losing my name became a daily tussle. I got to the 3rd week and was room orderly. Guy went sick and was admitted. I was detailed by drill bloke himself to get his kit together and hand it all into stores. Done. 20 minutes QM appears to do a room accommodation check. One bed, mattress and bedding short. Yes but no but drill bloke said hand it in. Directed to read 1001 on door - "No moves of accommodation stores withou OK from QM" What's your name - you've lost it. Having lasted until last week I got a A- for effort.
The post with the name on can be edited to remove the name if you wish. If you want to get personal about people do it in PM. Maybe a mod could oblige if is not removed soon?

Sigs life must be great by the way, looking at the posts on this board. Guess this is where the average age of Arrse members is the lowest.

Not a criticism by the way, just wonder if it is a fact?
Do the current RP Staff have eyes that point in the same direction :?:

When I went through training in Harrogate - every single one of the RP Staff was Boss-eyed :!: :!:

This was a complete nightmare when the lessons emptied out of the trade blocks and we all marched back up to the Squadrons. They would stand along the side of the road - point their sticks in the direction of the couple of hundred apprentices marching up the road - and then scream "you come here!"

There would then follow waves of confusion and chaos due to the fact that none of us had a Fu$~ing clue who they were looking at :lol: :? :twisted:
Well i don't know about Blandford, but i was shift screw at Fallingbostell a few!! years back, and that was a proper nick not one of these little 'camp holes' where people go when they have sneezed on parade or some other equally important naughtyness, the people i had in there were in there for rape, murder, etc, real reasons before they were carted off to the big nick in colchester, or HM's prison some where really not nice!!
So stop moaning about show parades and get a life!
andyb264 you sure that you werent in there as an inmate ???

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