whos skiving?

Right now, i'm sat staring at a pile of orders that the boss handed me on monday. "no probs, i'll get them done asap.................................bollox" Nearly cried on tuesday when the server went down, leaving me with an horrible feeling of impending doom and the thought of having to actualy do something.

As i type, the pile has just grown, sooner or later i'll have to bite the bullet and face the music, but for the time being, digital reality is keeping me going.

What are you missing / putting off while on here, any operations delayed, emergencies put on hold?
Well... how long can this post be?

I could produce a long list of things I should be doing, but I'll spare you the details. Safe to say though, that my boss is in a meeting, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this post!
yep..i'm skiving
I'm not...... I just happen to be on here during my working hours, while at work by complete accident. Honest.
I'm an apprentice for a mobile phone company. It's a 2 year apprenticeship and the first year is spent going round different areas before spending the final year training for a job at the end of the apprenticeship. At the moment I've finished the first year but I don't have a job lined up, so I've got nothing to do until I find a job for the end of the scheme.
I'm not skiving - I'm conducting research into a valuable project. It just so happens that the research material might happen to be on the internet :?

got to stop laughing every time get on this site, my job isn't that interesting and people are starting to get suspicious
Im not skiving .... this is classed as Cultural Resaearch of a demographic nature! and im sticking to it
Boss is away in the far east, Hope the fat cnut gets kidnapped. Yes I'm skiving, and I love it, even fcuking better that I've my own office, so If I want I crack on off in peace and quiet.......Nearly as good as the army...
Cpl_ripper said:
... even fcuking better that I've my own office, so If I want I crack on off in peace and quiet.......Nearly as good as the army...
Where's the sense of thrill and danger in that? Open plan is the way to go...
Am skiving and have been for twelve years only person who gives me greif for it is the Missus. Honey, yes the shelves will get put up whilst we are here it is a three year posting after all
Work? why isn't that word deleted by the swear filter? I'm supposed to be packing my office up for the move to a new building, I can do it next week though....
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