Whos Second Best?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dingerr, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. We all know that the British Army is the best there is, but man for man, how do you rate the others, who's second to us and who are down the bottom, what about the Yanks, if you take away their technology do they equate to a 3rd world militia?
  2. Text book Rambo’s will tell you the US soldiers are Red Indians with billion dollar kit. I don't think any other country has as much experience, as big of a historic background than us and the rough, kebab eating, alcoholic culture that we possess to come close. Look at the Royal Marines, the best trained brigade in the world, harder trained than any of the US Special Forces and yet they only class as commandos in our armed forces.
  3. You mean the Commando brigade which the marines are part of?
  4. Worked with the germans.....pish!
    worked with the french......frog pish!
    worked with the danes....not too bad, good lads.
    worked with the yanks....feckin dangerous.....and seriously pish!
    worked with the italians......laughable
  5. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    How about the Israeli's?
  6. Forgot about the Israeli's, they don't fcuk about and the're backed to the hilt by their Government
  7. Egyptians-- a joke, still it was funny seeing a decked out Mil Policeman in the middle of the desert give exaggerated arm movements for directions. Came upon a group of them that we thought was a punishment platoon or something like that. The Egyptian LT with us proudly stated: "These are our commandos".

    Brit 7th Armoured--in the first Gulf War where we doing a recon after the cease fire and came upon a bunch. The two senior NCOs conversed and we then took part in a combined US/UK looting frenzy on an abandoned Iraqi engineer compound. Seemed like nice guys, I traded three new Iraqi bayonets for an Iraqi flag. The parting instructions from the two NCOs were "remember no one says anything". Struck me as a stellar unit.

    RM-- less disciplined then I'd thought but very confident, crazy fcukers. Never sober when we saw them back at Insurlik, great guys in a bar. They'd generally begin the evening at the AF Wagon Wheel bar by baiting Americans and by closing time they'd all be teary eyed singing "I'm proud to be an American" from the jukebox.

    USMC--Far different animal than the RM. They're good light infantry, good officers and NCOs at infantry company level, great CAS (the pilots are marines many of whom have rotated through an infantry platoon leader or company commander), f-ing great mechanics--everything else variable.

    US Rangers--a testament to what great equipment and lots of training can make any average group of males. The young troops are arrogant asses, the NCOs and Officers generally a professional bunch.

    82d Airborne--or "Division", scariest jumps I've ever had. Full of Southerners, many of whom are great shots having grown up with guns. Three months in the field, 3 months maintenance/training, 3 months post duties/schools/administrative multiplied by your time with them (not counting in recent deployments). Where I still saw privates stand 'at ease' in front of corporals and buck sergeants. I once heard shots off in the distance at 6 am as we were starting morning PT. Just a private having some issues with his company chain-of-command; attacked and shot his commander to death. Another day in paradise.

    US Navy Seals--impressive bunch.

    Italian Caribieneri--went a long way for making up for Italy's poor rep. Took care of their troops, kept their AO in great shape and actively engaged the local populace.

    Italian Folgore (Airborne)--as good as volunteers from a conscript pool can be. Good kids with a good attitude I heard them described. Officers were arrogant twits.

    Italian SF: All I ever saw them do was hit on air force women and try to co-opt me into helping them with Brits and Americans (I speak passable Italian).

    Spanish Legion--who the f*** knows, they holed up in their compound while in Iraq.

    Poles--GROM were up the US SOF's ass all the time, seemed OK enough. Polish mech infantry guys were a decent lot, happy to be in Iraq (all vols w/$1000 extra pay per month) and did a better job than the Spaniards.

    SAS--support personnel only--real 'secret squirrel' types who took themselves too seriously even for the exercise's NATO SOF chief (a Brit LTC).

    FFL--seen 'em during Bright Star. Impressive enough looking on parade, scary looking BN commander.
  8. How about the Canadians what are they like?
  9. Belizian Defence Force.

    Awesome at covert ops, nicking my Calvin Kleines off the washing line In APC, in broad daylight. I never caught the buggers and spent most of the tour "Going Commando"
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Second best? Got to be the Israelis.

    No point describing everyone else because it's been done; Pish.

    Take away the clever toys and IMHO, the septics are no better than the West Side Niggaz.
  11. Very professional guys trying to do a job hindered by their government's willinginess to decimate their forces.

    I worked with 2 Warrant Officers not too long ago when I was the sole UK Military bod in a unit. Both of them were very switched on. One of them used to be a para before the Canadian Government disbanded them over an unfortunate incident and was understandably very annoyed over the whole incident. If you ever get a chance to work with them and aren't working 'dry', ask them to prep some moose milk for you...

    Italians-the one's I worked with were a good laugh on the p1ss and did work hard but work output was,err, not very good quality wise.

    Spanish-nice guys but bone idle.

    French-they can be hard work if you don't build up a rapport with them quickly. Whiny, arrogant, self-centred, unrealistic in their demands in work but outside of work absolutely fine.

    Dutch-Very pro UK, cracking bunch of lads and lasses, good sense of humour and a comedy accent to boot! :thumright:

    Japanese-err, culture clash says it all. Top tip, do not send someone to a multi-national unit who cannot speak English....

    Pakistani-very very switched on. Ask too many questions for someone who is supposedly just a junior warfare officer...

    Australians-not too sure about this lot. The ones I've worked with have been very racist and come across as being like thrush however their women are top honeys :thumright:

    Kiwis-sooner or later, you WILL end up in a heated argument with one of them in a bar about rugby but good to work with and know their stuff.

    US Navy-incompetent a lot of the times, inability to multi-task, take themselves FAR too seriously, get shown up BADLY when they work alongside the RN :D

  12. worked with the french......frog pish!


  13. errr.....they're canadian....
  14. What about the Jamaican Defence Force
    Worked with a few if them on Red Stripe
    Strange, Idle and for christs sake dont ask em to do anything on the weekend

  15. New French Anti-Tank Missile Marked as: Featured
    France's latest anti-tank missile, reputed to be as advanced as the American "Stinger" & "Hellfire".

    I thought the word "French" gave it to me,
    :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: