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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ShinyAndAttractive, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. I left the TA last summer (Request for Release submitted in writing), but have heard nothing from my Unit re returning my kit and my MoD 90.

    As I no longer live near my unit, I haven't been back since then.

    Whilst I could accept that I might have some responsibility to prompt them, shouldn't they be chasing this up themselves?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    I should not have thought anyone was bothered.

  3. You have every responsibility...otherwise it is called theft. You own property of HMG. Simple as. It may take a while but it will come back and bite you in the arrse evetually if you keep it especially when your unit's RQMS starts going through their slack paperwork.
    However, I would suggest that you telephone your old unit, explain and they will advise you how to dekit, or your find the nearest TA unit leave it with them together with an explanation, make sure you get a receipt and then inform your old unit that their kit is with A Coy, Underwater Mess Tin Repair Regiment.
  4. Chief clerk should have noticed you were a non attender and notified the SQMS who should have collected your kit. Either they are slack or it's been written off, especially as you said you no longer live near your unit
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Like I said. No-one cares ;)
  6. Untill he starts selling his kit on ebay :? :wink:
  7. is that why he left?
  8. The PSAO will have initiated the call back procedures starting off with a registered letter to the miscreants address recorded on JPA.

    After a period of time this will be followed up again with a written order to return the equipment at a mutually agreed time.

    If still no contact with the non attender the kit is written off with 998 action.

    Police, RMP etc do not get involved at all as theft has not been committed unless it is proven the kit was sold on to gain profit.

    A ludicrous decision in my opinion but that is the system in place.

    Therefore if you have moved to another address and not informed the unit how the fcuk can they contact you?
  9. Written off? We used to have a group of unit members that went round to the guys houses and demanded it back after a certain period of time. Maybe it is just my unit then that isn't that flush with cash that they can afford it to be written off...

  10. Could it be that although you submitted a letter, you were never actually discharged?

    Watch out for the post tomorrow, it might not be a letter from your CQMS but a call up notice! :D
  11. Flush with cash?

    Every unit is given a set monthly write off value.

    Regarding unit members popping round and retrieving the kit, I'm all for it as I hate lazy, kit stealing cunts.

    BUT unless you know their new address and / or have the power of telepathy that system fails as quickly as a STAB attempting a PFT.
  12. I used to have to submit a case file to the RQMS with details on each person. Times and dates visited, copies of letters sent and any items issued etc. It was then passed to MODPLOD who often recovered the kit. On one occasion they turned up at someones works. If they were unable to recover kit, as I had done all I could it was written off.
  13. Shove it in a bag and into the attic with it. If they want it, they'll let you know. I've got a pal who demobbed about 12 years ago. He got his kit out before christmas and thought that it had all shrunk in the wash. Fat Batsard!

    If you're not going to rejoin then do yourself a favour and hand it in. You could take it to any other TA unit and get a receipt. Most SQMS bods would probably be shaking their heads in disbelief if you did mind.
  14. My former unit has my correct address, as they wrote to me about a month after I moved to ask if I was likely to remain in the unit.

    My written Request for Release was handed to my former PSAO in July.

    I was informed by phone in Aug that my release had been approved, and I was out.

    I was told at that time that someone would contact me to sort admin/kit etc.

    I've not heard from them since, either by phone, email, or post.

    If they can't get their collective arse together, that's their problem. I haven't chased them because I was curious to see just how long they would let it slide...

    All the kit (No 1s, 2s, 95s, etc) boxed up, waiting to go on eBay :wink:
  15. I dekitted one mate who had left but whose unit had lost all interest in her; gear returned and a copy of the voucher sent to her squadron - we never heard any more, and nor did she.

    I'd be more worried about the MOD 90. My unit was very tight on these and the MOD is regularly hauled over by the media and MPs over the number of lost IDs; presumably yours will count towards the total at some stage. Others will know the form better than I, but handing it into the nearest police station - and making bloody sure that the plod record that you've done this and why, so that nobody tries to charge you for losing it later, gets it off your back and - may cause your old unit to act