who's playing what online?


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I've been playing a lot of Medal Of Honour Allied Assault lately, but it's tricky to find a server that isnt full of camping kiddies using aimbots (or at least, thats what I tell myself to excuse my lamentable performances :shock: ). tried Team Fortress, but it hasnt grabbed me. Same for Battlefield 1942.

I did post in the TSG clan sticky, but no one's answered. any other Arrser's up for a spot of online gaming? is Bad Company 2 worth the readies? what about COD? I did get the new AVP, which is superbly atmospheric - looks and sounds amazing - but the online play is so heavily skewed in favour of people playing as Predators it's almost unplayable, even in team deathmatch mode.


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PC. still havent got around to getting online with the 360 for various reasons.
well if thats the case i reccomend BC2 on the pc its amazing! if you get it and like it add me im Captainwoody


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I got BC2 for fifteen notes the other day in Game. Finally getting used to it online, but not sure if I can give you a proper recommendation yet. It's different, and seems to be quite fun. I think you need to get some mates together and properly team up if you're going to get the most out of it, though. I downloaded Lead & Gold off Steam the other day - that's quite fun and relatively cheap (£10 - it's a self-published title) but not a massive player base.

TF2 is ace, but then again TF Classic was my first ever online shooter back in like 96 or whatever so I'm a little bit nostalgic. COD:MW2, as good as it is, isn't worth getting into now. Hackers and modders have made it unplayable.

I may stump up for BF2 soon as I'm sure you can get it for like a fiver. A mate of mine (serving Cav WO1) is one of the main people behind the Project Reality mod that's been made for it, and that looks pretty sexy - very realistic gameplay, and plenty of Brit stuff modelled and playable.


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BF2 - Battlefield 2 as opposed to Bad Company?

yes, the complete set is something like £7 on amazon atm. anyone got any experience of counter-strike? that worth fifteen squids would anyone say?
ive played BF2 since it came out in 05 good game! and Bad coy since that came out! both games are value for money!
cant comment on counter strike as i havent played it
Have been playing (pc) bf2 project reality alot recently, can't be beat, and that's over bf2bc and cod on my xbox360.
I play Call of Duty 2 online. The problem I have is finding a server where my ping rate is under 300 (there may be local servers but they'll probably be in Chinese so I can't see them) so I usually play on the 'Mechanised Satan' and 'A2' servers as 'Dirk Dagger'.

I'm trying to load Punkbuster on to my new Windows 7 PC but can't seem to do it. I'm fed up with 12 y.o. Russian kids with fecking aimbots.


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BF2 and COD2 will be getting purchased then. and Bad Company 2 if I find it cheap enough. cheers guys.
BF2 - Battlefield 2 as opposed to Bad Company?

yes, the complete set is something like £7 on amazon atm. anyone got any experience of counter-strike? that worth fifteen squids would anyone say?
Counter Strike is excellent, especially 'Source' which has a slightly more realistic flavour. It does not have the complete chaos of COD 4 or Modern Warfare 2 and can be quite tactical.

I really enjoyed the CS games and the mods for the game are infinite. People have modded it so that any variant of the game is possible. 15 quid? You won't be disappointed. CS has been going for 7 or 8 years and still massively popular.


As per the thread I play

Lord of the Rings Online
World of Warcraft

But when my new XBox gets here it will all be Modern Warfare 2 baby!
League of Legends. 5 a side team based strategy map control malarkey with an array of champions to choose from, all with unique playstyles and abilities. awesome and also, free. (though you can give them money for skins and such) 'Mushy Bees' if anyone wants to add me.
Yep got BadCo yesterday. Certainly different than my usual TF2 bit like Counter Strike with big maps. Just got to get used to it but seems ok.
My games of choice at the moment are:

League of Legends
Lord of the Rings Online

Personally, I really enjoy BC2 especially as I tend to play with the same group of people all the time and have a good laugh on vent at the same time.

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