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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by cnj_uk, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Another question, on the iPhone app you have an option of seeing who is online, but I get an error message. Is that correct? I've noticed there is no such option on the physical website (unless I'm missing something).
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    No idea ref the iPhone query but Who's Online is available up there^ under the Quick Links tab.
  3. Doh! Ok, well if it helps in terms of feedback, the online bit doesn't work I know that for sure?
  4. Ref the online iPhone:

    there's a small indicator next to the users avatar showing if their online or not,
    surprised you got an error showing as I've not had Any issues with the app to date
  5. I'm back online if it helps, we havent met. Ive not a lot to offer but wouldnt mind updates on the varying changes your growler will go through at this precious time, polaroids and freshly soiled cotton buds will be adequate.
  6. I feel i've found a soulmate!;-)
  7. Beemer yes I get that, but there is also an option under more to see a list of who is online. That's the bit that doesn't work.
  8. It's never worked on Tapatalk (Android phone version) either. Error says something like "You cannot get posts from this forum as you do not have sufficient privilege". I just assumed it was a Tapatalk issue and left it.

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  9. Actually now you have said that, another forum I use via tapatalk doesn't display all the online people properly.

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  10. Good CO

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    I must admit I also noticed this and hoped it was just me and ignored it! We will be upgrading the software again at the end of the month. Let's see if that fixes it.