Whos Online & DII

Seems to be a problem, possibly related to the 'Support Us' block?

IE 6 (**!£$%^^ DII), Windows XP



Book Reviewer


Book Reviewer
Not getting a problem apart from DII Police!
I'm a nosey cnut ..... and I know I'm not the only one on Arrse.

So ...... under "Configuration", clicking "my preferences", I ensure "Show my online status" is set to "NO".
I expect the mods can see that I spend too much time on here, etc. etc.
But I see no point in advertising to the whole membership what thread I'm reading.

I very rarely look at "Who's online", but I did just now. I happened to notice that, beside someone's username, it said "Search2". I've never noticed that before, so I clicked it. In addition to the search results, the search terms the user has entered are in bold:

....... "girls" "period"

:rofl: :rofl:

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