Who's on rops ? anyone else been infracted for being horrid and beastly ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeyDeacon, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. I have for calling someone a halfwit..lucky i didn't call him a dripping sheeps cunt eh.
  2. got 7 days for dirty boots back when I was a sprog. Suck it up and do the punishment.
  3. Got 10 days for getting caught hiding in the drying room in the WRAC block during bed check, lights went on, fkin lingerie everywhere!!
  4. Will do...I'm off to clean the parade square with a toothbrush..and bull my dms with kiwi and meths and a spoon ...mod cnuts
  5. And some of it belonged to the birds

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  6. I got extras for not being early enough to a parade (for an ITD lesson) once.
  7. Did anyone get rops for calling Sixty a dribbling quim ? The dribbling quim
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  8. My worst one was 28 days nick for having a crate of Grolsh in the room.

  9. Grolsh ....Poof.
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  10. Not been on ROP's for nearly 20 years, but I seemed to be a shit magnet whilst I was in.
    smuggling a couple of slappers into camp in the boot of an Alfa sprint veloce and getting pinged by a slop jockey spiv earned me 10 days!
  11. it was 1DM a bottle and the NAAFI was out of Warsteiner
  12. Threshers went bust years ago.
  13. Bit harsh. What room was it, the Guard room?
  14. Nope my room, it was 26 and we had a born again CO, totally against the evils of drink and loose women.