Whos More Rascist?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Chief_Joseph, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Just one thing Chief Joseph. 'Everybody hates Chris'

    But on a serious note, if you've not heard it you should check out this song by the God Fathers of Rap 'The Last Poets', I'm sure Chris is well aware of it...

    Niggaz Are Scared of Revolution

    Niggas are scared of revolution
    But niggas shouldn't be scared of revolution
    Because revolution is nothing but change
    And all niggas do is change

    Niggas come in from work and change into pimping clothes
    and hit the streets to make some quick change

    Niggas change their hair from black to red to blond
    and hope like hell their looks will change

    Niggas kill other niggas
    Just because one didn't receive the correct change

    Niggas change from men to women, from women to men
    Niggas change, change, change

    You hear niggas say
    Things are changing? Things are changing?
    Yeah, things are changing
    Niggas change into 'Black' nigga things
    Black nigga things that go through all kinds of changes
    The change in the day that makes them rant and rave
    Black Power! Black Power!
    And the change that comes over them at night, as they sigh and moan:
    White thighs, ooh, white thighs

    Niggas always goin' through bullshit change
    But when it comes for real change,
    Niggas are scared of revolution

    Niggas are actors, niggas are actors
    Niggas act like they are in a hurry
    to catch the first act of the 'Great White Hope'

    Niggas try to act like Malcolm
    And when the white man doesn't react
    toward them like he did Malcolm
    Niggas want to act violently

    Niggas act so coooool and slick
    causing white people to say:
    What makes you niggas act like that?
    Niggas act like you ain't never seen nobody act before
    But when it comes to acting out revolution
    Niggas say: 'I can't dig them actions!'
    Niggas are scared of revolution

    Niggas are very untogether people
    Niggas talk about getting high and riding around in 'els'
    Niggas should get high and ride to hell
    Niggas talk about pimping
    Pimping that, pimping what
    Pimping yours, pimping mine
    Just to be pimping, is a helluva line

    Niggas are very untogether people
    Niggas talk about the mind
    Talk about: My mind is stronger than yours
    "I got that bitch's mind uptight!"
    Niggas don't know a damn thing about the mind
    Or they'd be right
    Niggas are scared of revolution

    Niggas fcuk. Niggas fcuk, fcuk, fcuk
    Niggas love the word fcuk
    They think it's so fcukin' cute
    They fcuk you around
    The first thing they say when they're mad: 'Fcuk it'
    You play a little too much with them
    They say 'Fcuk you'
    When it's time to TCB,
    Niggas are somewhere fcuking
    Try to be nice to them, they fcuk over you

    Niggas don't realize while they doin' all this fcuking
    They're getting fcuked around
    And when they do realize it's too late
    So niggas just get fcuked up

    Niggaz talk about fcuking
    Fcukin' that, fcukin' this, fcukin' yours, fcukin' my sis
    Not knowing what they're fcuking for
    They ain't fcuking for love and appreciation
    Just fcuking to be fcuking.

    Niggas fcuk white thighs, black thighs, yellow thighs, brown thighs
    Niggas fcuk ankles when they run out of thighs
    Niggers fcuk Sally, Linda, and Sue
    And if you don't watch out
    Niggas will fck you!
    Niggas wouuld fcuk 'Fcuk' if it could be fcuked
    But when it comes to fcuking for revolutionary causes
    Niggas say 'Fcuk revolution!'
    Niggas are scared of revolution

    Niggas are players, niggas are players, are players
    Niggas play football, baseball and basketball
    while the white man cuttin' off their balls

    When the niggas play ain't tight enough
    to play with some black thighs,
    Niggas play with white thighs
    to see if they still have some play left
    And when there ain't no white thighs to play with
    Niggas play with themselves

    Niggas tell you they're ready to be liberated
    But when you say 'Let's go take our liberation'
    Niggas reply: 'I was just playin'
    Niggas are playing with revolution and losing
    Niggas are scared of revolution

    Niggas do a lot of shootin'
    Niggas do a lot of shootin'

    Niggas shoot off at the mouth
    Niggas shoot pool, niggers shoot craps
    Niggas cut around the corner and shoot down the street
    Niggas shoot sharp glances at white women
    Niggas shoot dope into their arm

    Niggas shoot guns and rifles on New Year's Eve
    A new year that is coming in
    The white police will do more shooting at them
    Where are niggas when the revolution needs some shots!?
    Yeah, you know. Niggas are somewhere shootin' the sh1t
    Niggas are scared of revolution

    Niggas are lovers, niggas are lovers are lovers
    Niggas love to see Clark Gable
    make love to Marilyn Monroe
    Niggas love to see Tarzan fcuk all the natives
    Niggas love to hear the Lone Ranger yell "Heigh Ho Silver!"

    Niggas love commercials, niggas love commercials
    Oh how niggas love commercials:
    "You can take niggas out of the country, but
    you can't take the country out of niggas"

    Niggas are lovers, are lovers, are lovers
    Niggas loved to hear Malcolm rap
    But they didn't love Malcolm
    Niggas love everything but themselves

    But I'm a lover too, yes I'm a lover too
    I love niggas, I love niggas, I love niggas

    Because niggas are me
    And I should only love that which is me
    I love to see niggas go through changes
    Love to see niggas act
    Love to see niggas make them plays and shoot the sh1t

    But there is one thing about niggas I do not love
    Niggas are scared of revolution