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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by blacky, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. Anybody know how to check your FB account to see, who's been looking at you.
  2. There are meant to be some applications out in FB land which you sign up to and they show who has been looking at you. Not used them myself but a few friends seem to have them installed.

    Just thinking, I don't know if they will record anybody who is not your friend who has looked at you. It might depend on what level of privacy you have set up on your account.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Im pretty sure those applications are some sort of facebook spyware, I installed one and it never produced anything. I'd stay clear.
  4. just ban anyone except your friends from seeing anything about you.

    Account security settings. And remove a face pic as your profile pic.
  5. No one unless they are on my friend list, so thats easy, set all your security settings to Friends Only then your all set. I wouldn't go for those apps as i'm sure one of them has been reported to be a virus.
  6. Echo Smudges comment, dont have a pic of you in uniform for your profile, if a friend is looking for you then they know what you do for a living.
  7. Saw this in someone's FB Profile this morning:

    Has your facebook been slow recently? Someone found this and I found it on mine. Not sure where it is from. Go to your settings, select "APPLICATIONS SETTINGS". There you will find the "SHOW" box, select the "ADDED TO PROFILE" option. If you see one called "UN NAMED APP", delete it. IT'S A SPYBOT! I have just done this............ and my FB is working faster already!

    I tried it out and also had that Un Named App.
  8. As I understand it these groups are just a way of attracting loads of members with a possible Spyware use, as mentioned above. It's just a pyramid of members. Why would you have to invite another 10- 1000 friends just to receive some 'link' as to your own account?

    Don't bother, and stop being paranoid. 8O
  9. Cheers Gundolph, got a message from Baor soldier site on fb with same info.
    Done as you suggest,but i will wait to see if it improves the speed.
  10. Facebook has been a bit flaky for two days now, slow reaction/ loading times etc.
    On a differnet slope - how are long lost mates going to get in touch with you if you put a different picture / call yourself a false name on facebook?
  11. dont put a false name,and put a pic that has something related to you,whether work or play,but not a face pic.

  12. the applications are exactly that so stay clear. it is a fundamental rule of fb that the privacy of people looking at your profile remains intact , stupid rule if you ask me.
  13. the applications are exactly that so stay clear. it is a fundamental rule of fb that the privacy of people looking at your profile remains intact , stupid rule if you ask me.
  14. Thanks Gundulph had that little doozy on mine 8)
  15. I decided to have a snoop on facebook last night. I found one user who had the name of his/her regiment as a username, of course their friends were listed and - big surprise - a few of them had pictures of them in uniform.

    By reading their profiles I could see where some of them lived and also now know what some of them do for a job.

    I dont suppose its too much of a jump for me to get more info from the electoral role, or even play the old trick of trying to add one as a mate and use the old "you know me, we were in Iraq together, me you and my mate smithy"

    And I'm not even a bad person