Who's Leaking This Stuff?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by dogmonkey, Nov 29, 2004.

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  1. Another freakily close to the bone out of the blue revelation by the currant bun.

    Battle of the regiments


    Defence editor

    TWO top English regiments are locked in a battle to the death — with one set to be axed in a fortnight.

    Either the Yorkshire-based Green Howards or London’s 2nd Battalion, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers will fail to survive the huge Army shake-up.

    Brave ... boys in Iraq

    The Sun has learned that one or other of the two units — which have over SIX CENTURIES of distinguished service between them — will be scrapped next month.

    The decision will be the final piece in the jigsaw of drastic reorganisations and amalgamations which will see the Army lose four of its 40 infantry battalions.

    Unit's historic victory
    in the Crimea

    Facing axe ... Green Howards

    THE Green Howards originated in 1688 and have a highly honoured place in military history.

    They still celebrate the 1854 Crimea Battle of Alma, taking a 14-gun Russian position despite terrible casualties.

    They served with distinction in many other campaigns including the Somme and Ypres during the 1914-18 War and Dunkirk, El Alamein and Sicily in 1939-45.

    They have won 18 VCs, including the only one awarded on D-Day 1944.

    Originally the 19th Foot, their name stems from 1744 when their CO was a Colonel Howard and they wore green trim on their uniforms.

    They have just done a stint in Afghanistan. They are based in Chepstow but regimental HQ is in Richmond, North Yorks.
    Awarded 6
    VCs before

    Possible chop ... Fusiliers

    THE Fusiliers have served in every major conflict from the time of William of Orange up to the latest war in Iraq.

    Their finest hour came on the morning of the landings at Gallipoli, Turkey, in 1915 when they were awarded six VCs before breakfast.

    Originally raised in 1685 as the 6th Foot, they have won 20 VCs in 40 battle honours.

    They took their name from a new kind of musket and adopted the feather hackles on their hats from French troops they defeated at St Lucia in 1778.

    In one particularly savage defence during the Peninsular War of 1809-14, almost all their officers were killed.
    Fusiliers are considered the Army’s most experienced infantry unit in Ulster. Their regimental HQ is in the Tower of London.

    And this when neither of the Regts are in the top 10 worst recruited in the Army, let alone the top 4. WTF is going on?

    The Fusiliers are part of the Queens Div which went 'large' (ie the way CGS wants it now) back in 92, when along with the other Regts in the Div, they lost their 3rd Bns. The question is, what happens when the Fusiliers lose one of their Bns, and become a 'single bn regiment' as outlawed under the current regime? Does that mean we lose another English Regiment for the sake of some votes north of the border? Or do we lose The PWRR / the Anglians and the Fusiliers in a oner?

    This whole thing stinks.
  2. What are we going to do about it?

    The Journos are circling for the bloodletting, and it takes the eye nicely off Blunkett or any sneaky Iraq deplyments in the next 2-4 weeks.

    What is going to be done about this?
  3. Dunno.

    But if the recent currant bun and the nazigraph articles are true the KINGS Div is split down the middle – West of the Pennines has been cast adrift and Yorkshire is fighting to preserve 3 battalions in one county. No surprises there but the Yorkshire lobby know that they are on dangerous ground, lacking popular appeal except in their county and clearly afraid to embrace the large regiment concept they've happily foisted on the rest of the division. So, why not try and drag someone else down instead? The problem is that if they escape again dogmonkey's view then takes over and ECAB are in a corner. Having run away from their original direction ECAB are in danger of skewing their decision making process even further by following lines of least resistance, taking an easy option because they may think SofS will overturn/modify any decision they may make – wrong; the ground is being prepared by everyone, the politicos will hide behind 'the Army's decision'. Catch 22.

    Mushrooms at least get a square meal now and again.
  4. Well, a couple of years back one of the four up for the chop was rumoured to be 2 RRF, but that was before General Jackson showed the moral courage to be denigrated by the media for actually grasping the nettle and putting the efficency of the army and the lives of both his soldiers and their families first.

    (Edited for a grammatical error)
  5. Well if that is the contest then i can tell you now that with 2 Green Howard Generals knocking on the door of being CGS one day i think it is good bye Fusiliers.
  6. One county? Try five - S Yorks/E Yorks/W Yorks/N Yorks/Cleveland

    Three Bns? Try three Regiments affected: DWR/PWO/GH. All of whom have fallen on the sword and seem to be heading for merger as The Yorkshire Regiment.
  7. I buy the big regiment concept.

    I don't buy that we can drop four battalions

    I really don't think we should drop a "working" big regiment to play the "my div is bigger than your div" game.

    This can't be true - I don't think it could be defended.
  8. Not forgetting KOYLI lost into Light Infantry
  9. 3 Bns in one county? Having a population of around 5 million means it can support 3 (or more) Bn's. Why are they on dangerous ground? another part of the country with a similar sized population is fighting to save all their 6 bn's.
  10. and the Yorks & Lancs (which recruited in South Yorks not Lancs)
  11. I'm affraiad it is true. I myself have written to 3 MP's about this I suggest everyone else does the same! To cut back at all now, during the current instability around the globe is crazy :evil: We should all get together the same as the Jocks did with their campaign and start one to save our regiments.
  12. I am getting the sinking feeling that we will end up with 5 regiments; Scottish, Light, Kings, Queens, Prince of Wales..... :(
  13. That's exactly what we do need!! If we don't do this properly now, we will just have to go through the whole process again a few years down the line.

    People also continue to talk about cuts. What, cutting posts we can't actually man anyway? What's wrong with that?

    What CGS is trying to do is increase the operational availability of units, by ending the arms plot. Mergers/disbandments etc are a sideline that have attracted media interest. Single battalion regiments have a very limited life these days, they are unaffordable.
  14. Well if that is the contest then i can tell you now that with 2 Green Howard Generals knocking on the door of being CGS one day i think it is good bye Fusiliers.
  15. Complete sh!te I'm afraid CS.

    I totally agree that ending the Arms Plot and re-organising into large regiments is the way forward, however there is no logical reason why this must lead to the cut of 4 Inf Bns.

    We have a significantly shorter tour interval than most of the Corps who are going to benefit out of this so why cut us? The reason? Money, pure and simple.