Who's kit would you like to test on a firing range?

The Shephard/A|D|S Modern Infantry event on 9-11 November at the National Shooting Centre at Bisley will include the opportunity to test infantry equipment and night vision systems on the military ranges.

Who's kit would you like to test?

Heckler & Koch
FN Herstal
Steyr Mannlicher
Smith & Wesson
Lewis Machine & Tool (L129A1 Sharpshooter)
Sniper rifle – any

Either reply to this post or email me on ajd@shephard.co.uk

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Would love to attend this event as im a massive fan of most sniper rifles, H+k and FN. Any chance Magpull/ remmington/bushmaster will be attending the event, i only ask because im a big fan of the ACR.
I already fired weapons from all of them ;-)

I would like to fire some Frag 12 from an 870 though would this be possible?
WHoaaaaaaaa! What kind of banjo plucker thought of and made that thingy and do Eley do them with a fibre wad. (must think of the environment). You just added an item to my things todo list.


Kit Reviewer
Not just weapons. Molle Pouches, Cam, Vehicles, Clothing and Footwear too.
SIG aren't on your list. Ditto Manroy Engineering to waive the British flag.

That said I'd love a go at an AGS-17 and other FSU kit.

If you can't make the above event, there is another way of handling and firing the worlds most exotic weaponry.

If your serving and based in the UK, units can always pay the Light Weapons Wing at the Defence Academy a visit, (however, this may need to booked well in advance and is subjct to their workload). These guys have virtually every single military small arm going (in order to evaluate them) and they host all sorts of people. You can even fire the weapons providing they aren't using them for anything else.

Toodle pip!


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