Whos interested in a quiet walk through London

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geo7863, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. I am a Strawberry Mivi and would relish a jaunt in the fresh air

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  2. I am a Strawberry Mivi and have better things to do with my time thank you.

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  3. I am in the Armed Forces and appear to have nothing planned for that day (whichever day it is to be

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  4. I am in the Armed Forces and its more than my jobs worth to be involved in such a social gathering a

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  1. Quick Poll to see who would be interested in going on the ' we are mightily miffed about the way our Great and Glorious Leader and his government are destroying the morale and defence capability of this country... and other issues' walk through London, mentioned in the Press and other threads here.
  2. Anyone think of a date yet? July gets my vote; gives us plenty of time to organise, lots of ex-military will be on holiday from thier civvie jobs and decent weather!
  3. Who's going to be providing the beer and bacon butties ????? If it's going to be in July, can we make it after the British GP, cheers.
  4. I think Dunc0936 seems to be the man in the know with dates etc. I dont believe anything firm has been organised yet... still early days...

    And BTW the Poll options are not meant to belittle those who for whatever reason dont want to, or cant be, involved, the wording of the options are just a little light humour.
  5. Can you add an option for ex, families and stray civvies? There's plenty would want to show support, over and above the ones mentioned.
  6. Not sure what a strawberry mivi is but I have a lot of civvie mates (most of whom want to join, like myself) I could get to come to this. Any chance of adding another category for concerned non-squaddies like us?
  7. 12th July anyone always a good day for a walk
  8. Ahem.. Srawberry Mivi is slang for CIVVY... that includes ex-squaddies such as myself, families of, friends of, hangers on, camp followers and fans of... Squaddies... basically anyone who isnt a serving member of HM Armed Forces..
  9. Can you add an option to the poll stating:

    I am in the armed Forces but couldn't care two sh1ts about a poxy march that will inevitably come to nothing.
  10. Seconded. By the way, any serving squaddie who goes on that march needs shooting. You'll be wanting to strike next.
  11. And not want to sleep with other gentlemen
  12. July the 12th.Ill bring my bowler hat and sash
  13. And not only that, will give Brown and his Marxists more ammo to bash us with
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The thing is this current labour government have zero chance of being re-elected in 2010, even if the current Tories are the only alternative. So they will continue feathering their own nests furthering their socialist agenda until they are booted out.

    It took a generation to forget what they did last time in power and they've managed to conceal their screwed agenda from the hard working majority this time but its all coming undone.

    The only positive is they will be booted from power come the next election. Theres no point in protesting as they're not listening. All we can do is wait, and maybe sleep with other gentlemen, over to you MDN :D
  15. 1st Sunday in May?