Whos in charge of mess balls / wedding etc and interested in discounts?

I run a company called Ice Agency and we provide beautiful ice sculptures, ice luges and delicious chocolate fountains throughout the UK.

We offer forces discounts of 20% off the cost of ice sculptures and ice luges 1m high and also 10% off of chocolate fountains for 100+ guests. All we ask for in return is a like and link to our facebook page - see below.

We can carve anything from a cap badge to a chinook, naked female to a tiger.
Discount also applies to weddings and birthdays.

Like our facebook page for competitions and latest designs -

and contact us via our website Chocolate Fountain Hire Sussex, Surrey, Brighton | Ice Luges | Ice Sculptures



That naked woman sculpture is epic! Who ordered that for their mess do?!
Not sure but I think it was Anglians a while ago...Tigers having one in a weeks time :) get to drink out the nipple and gash ;)

Get some odd requests though....Grenadier Guards wanted a shehe,,,and 3Para wanted a stilleto shoe mmmmmmm
she is though :)

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