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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by copper_knobblet, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. So, you want to mobilise on Herrick to do a tour as an IR. How do you find out which units have vacancies? How do you bid for these vacancies?

    I'm thinking maybe the OMLT in April 10. I asked this before when I came back last year keen as I was, but then real life came flooding back and things got put on the backburner and now I'm settled back down I fancy going again - but dont know how the process works for IRs (I wasnt an IR last time).

    PM me if you can't ask answer me on here.

  2. Not being funny mate, however, if you want to be on an OMLT and you have to ask on a public website because you can’t find the answer on the ‘mil net’

    Maybe, just maybe it is not the job for you
  3. Like I said, OMLT was a thought, to illustrate that I dont fancy stagging on in bastion for 6 months and eating pies down the EFI and watching all the birds drool over the firemen.

    As for public, never underestimate the informal means I reckon. I've had plenty of info PM'd to me that I couldnt get elsewhere (thru lazyness or it just wasnt there or I needed it there and then), just making use of the means available to me mate, there's plenty of knowledgable people on this board I would otherwise never be able to contact. You dont ask you dont get, worth a shot aint it.