Who's got the biggest rack (of medals) in the Army?

i know a few lads with 12 medals +, costs them a fortune to get them mounted each time and maybe won't be adding the jubillee medal to their collection especially on mess dress.
There's an AT WO2 who could be in with a shout. He's done about thirty years and is always getting sent on those shitty little ops that just about become eligible for a medal (Macedonia, Congo etc). He's also got an MBE, god knows why, he's not even a High Threat operator.


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With my 1 x 1" of glory, I have to say that quality NOT quantity is what counts.

If you did not get your bling while carrying an SLR it don't count! :cool:
Slightly off topic - retired and Australian Army but I thought this would be interesting - rack of Keith Payne VC - I count 23, and I presume soon to be 24 as he should get the QDJM.
That would be fine if the Aussies didn't get medals for basically breathing or blinking etc etc.

Impressive rack though.

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