Whos got a copy?

And why would a ' pure as snow ' , God-fearing, hymn-singing wholesome young lady such as our dear Charlotte be doing having ' topless' photos of herself taken in the first place..

shamless tart!!.. obviously out to exploit her body to sell more CD's and gain noteriety in the marketplace so that she can compete against Xtina and Britney and all the other poptart eyecandy out there..

Shame, shame...oh, BTW.. as soon as you find those shots, let me know..I'll download them and paste them on top of the regular photties she has on her ' album covers '..

When did she turn legal anyway.. this isn't childporn now is it?..


Kit Reviewer
You'd better post these pics so we can see if they change my mind about her.
Purely in the interests of good taste of course !
Same sort of shoulders so could be pucker. My phone can take some cracking piccies and there are better ones out there. Hey I don't care. I can knock one out and dream they are real.

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