Whos going to see Frank Butcher!!

Another Central Mess Night. How many ARRSE member will be present. Look like this should be a very good night. I have heard all accommodation is full already?
How do you get to know about these things (apart from by organising them)?

Give us a steer, they sound like fun. We coulkd do with some of that!

Your RSM should 8O be the one to inform you about such social occasions.
Thanks Melchy, I'll chase that up through some means.

But like many in the RLC, I don't live on a camp with and RLC RSM. The RSMs here are RSigs and the lads at Stores Sects will have Guns, Tankies or Fixers and the like. Is there a way this could be distributed better?
I meant your Regt RSM type SAT type bloke FB.

Don't tell me they've forgotten about you.......................

Failing that send a note the Corps RSM asking him to let all you guys in the colonies know about such gatherings.
Until the day Frank "entertains" us by dousing himself in petrol, and juggling flaming torches, I shall continue to find my amusement elsewhere.
Ford_Prefect said:
Is anyone else confused by this thread? Do you need to be a fully initiated member of that pseudo Masonic organisation - the Sgts and WOs mess?
Yes Ford, it's a Sgts' mess function.
Well, sent my return in today. Will see whoever is going. Anyone else here?

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