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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    ...to let off a bucket of instant sunshine?

    I was bullsh1tting with some mates over beers last night and we ended up talking about T.W.A.T. and rogue states like Iran and N Korea possibly gaining nukes.

    We came to the conclusion that some cnuts probably going to let one off in the next decade. Likely acquired from Iran or Pakistan when Musharraff (sp?) gets booted and the loons take charge.

    Let’s face it more and more countries are capable of building them and lots of these countries are less than scrupulous about whom they would share the results with. Pakistan nuclear scientists giving the Iranians help for example.

    What say you? Does any one seriously doubt it is when rather than if? And of course what happens once one has been let off in some city or other?
  2. My money is with William Hill with an odds on fav to GWB letting of small bomb/big cloud first. After all, he's not playing the softly softly, need electing card anymore.

    I'd class him as 'curious just cos he has a big bag of fun'. N Korea seem almost sane and friendly in comparison. The Ukrane, Iran and any other second class, third rate nation with the power to turn half the planet into a marbled floor carpark are mere dabblers when it comes to loony power mad war mongers. That trophy goes to our leader, God bless his soul, George Dubya Bush.

    Never have so many be 5hite scared by so few.
  3. The Lord Flash wrote
    Lets get this right. Your money is on the US firing off a nuc. In what way, as a pre-emptive or as a black op to make people think they are under attack?

    Either way I think you need to change your source of weed.

    My bet is it will be sourced from an ex USSR state, probably Ukraine and will be detonated somewhere in Europe, probably UK by a Muslim extremest group.. The response from all Western countries, led by US will be no-holds barred pre-emptives on countries that even fart terrorism. France is likely to be the only fence sitter, no surprise there.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I tend to agree that if someone lets the cat out of the bag against a western nation then god help those who so much as mention the word terrorism. Gloves will definitely come off!

    At least it will cut down on Op tours, the nuke will be the first response rather than last resort. Instant sunshine all round. :?
  5. Scenario 1: USA uses small "bunker-busting" atomic bomb(s) in the "war on terror." http://www.physicstoday.org/vol-56/iss-11/p32.html

    Scenario 2: "George And Tony's Excellent Adventure" in the middle east goes seriously awry. USA uses nuclear weapons to avert the American Dienbienphu.

    Scenario 3: Russia launches massive first strike against the USA, calculating that its anti-ballistic missile defenses and civil defense program will ensure its national survival.

    ** Putin has recently personally announced testing/deployment of several new strategic weapons systems in recent weeks. Of course, he and W are bosom pals. But against whom were the new Russian weapons developed? Zimbabwe? Monaco?

    ** Putin and Co. dismantling the last vestiges of limited, representative self-government in Russia. Eliminating the smaller political parties. Providing for federal appointment of regional governors, instead of direct elections. Cracking-down on journalists. Demonstrating the current level of sanctity of contract and private property through the Yukos case. In other words, resurrecting a slimmed-down version of the Soviet Union.

    ** Russian government is taking a hand in curtailing the international status of the US dollar. It's whittling down its very large dollar reserves, in favor of euros and gold. It is promoting regional trade blocs as an alternative to dealing with the dollar zone. It may be promoting the euro as a replacement for the dollar as the exclusive international medium for crude oil purchases. The world is becoming glutted with dollars, finance ministries around the world are getting tired of propping up the buck, and, it seems to me, Russia is making the most of this growing revulsion.

    ** US government seems to go out of its way to create what the Russian government would have to regard as provocations. I'm speaking of the eastward expansion of NATO and the current unpleasantness in the Ukraine.

    I concur that it's a question of "when" rather than "if."
  6. I agree with the speculation that the world is more likely to see a nuclear weapon discharged in the next five years IF Iran obtain's a nuclear weapon.
    The US WILL NOT use a nuclear weapon first. But if attacked with a nuclear weapon there will be a response.

    The Ukraine does not have a nuclear capability.
    N.Korea is more likely to implode before they use a nuclear weapon. I give the regime 12-18 months. Already there are numerous signs of control slipping from the security organs.

    As for Russia they have many internal problems and are not a threat to the US. Recent Russian comments about nuclear capabilities is more a warning to Iran and China.

    I am all for dismantling NATO and leaving Europe to their own devices. I think it would be interesting to see how long it will be before the EU comes begging for US help.
  7. Well the USofA does have a history of letting the odd one off.
    And King George II is barking in my umble opinion.
    And his chief courtiers are not reasonable men if fact I would say the very opposite.
    Yeah I'd go for Georgei Boy demonstrating that the Texas gunslingers don't take no sh1t.
    PS as for Osment bint Sh1t Heed no sweat don't think, he'd think twice, except as to if he did his own kind or the Great Saten, his twisted logic could justify anything.
  8. With the current farce that is the EU, not very long :roll:
  9. I think we already know the answer to this question;
    "WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT"(last words of the mayor of Hiroshima-August 1945)
  10. RTFQ


    Any thoughts as to whether Israel will be the first target? Seems the obvious choice for the average middle eastern crazy.
  11. Bush Will nuke some bunch of nobbers, Prob for naff all, he's a bell-end, don't know his arrse form his elbow. No doubt His Tonyship will support it and have very good Int to back up his decision. Tell us the Great Nation that this was a necessary act to defend this country from International terrorists Blah Blah Blah

    Sound Bite
  12. The repercussions of anyone 'letting one off' as they say are too horrendous to contemplate.

    I reckon on that basis it might not actually happen (he said with his fingers crossed behind his back!!).

    Unless whoever does it has a serious arsenal they will be immediately wiped off the face of the earth by retaliation. The backlash would be frankly out of all proportion.

    OBL may be a **** but he isn't stupid. I think the same may be true of other nations who may have nuclear capability.
  13. But mix in religion and the idea of martrydom........and you have a serious potential for the poo hitting the whirly thing :roll:
  14. I think bin laden may be clever enough to set one of on US territory and then sit back and watch the fireworks as the good old US of A set off a shit load of fireworks on some little 3rd world country (who bin laden will frame) (and almost certainly a muslim counry). Thereby creating a nation of instant martyrs which will lead to an uprising by the islamic world, leading to WW3.

    ive seen the signs! 8O

    Agent smith

    PS hopw deep does a bomb shelter have to be to survive an indirect hit? and where can i buy 100 tons of concrete??
  15. Maybe I'm the only one who noticed.....

    But the JAPANESE terror group who gassed the contents of a subway station in Tokyo have already done the instant sunshine test in the Australian outback. And the Auzzies hardly noticed (along the lines of what the XXXX was that flash, bruce!!!)

    My guess is the war on terror might begin to glow in the dark soon!! A religious fundamentalist nutter with more power than sense of responsibility will make another bad decision and do the unthinkable. Anyhoo, enough on Bush.....maybe the Japanese or Muslim loons will beat him to it.