Who's Getting Desperate on E-Bay

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Whilst scrolling around on another subject this morning, I accidentally came across an advert on E-Bay from someone in Northamptonshire who appears to be selling a load of Corps related stuff (50 items) on E-Bay including:

    * Back numbers of the Rose and Laurel going back as far as 1978
    * An old copy of 7 Int Coy's THREAT Magazine
    * A copy of the 7 Int Coy THE RAT Recognition Guide
    * Intelligence Corps Beret (Cap Badge supplied) -£19.99
    * A Corps beret with cap badge and "pair of Best Boots (DMS) going for £12.99 - A bargain
    * A set of Chris Hughes Post Card Drawings of the Corps in various states of uniform - unfortunately none of
    Dress No 1 Blues with or without lanyard !

    * various other items of Corps collectibles

    If anyone is remotely interested, rather than copy the E-bay link to the items, just Google "Rose and Laurel Journal" and follow the path to E-Bay
  2. Is what me ???
  3. ...even Chris couldn't find out the answer to that one...


  4. I don't think he had a blue crayon ! I don't know who the WRAC model was but I'd like to bone her !
  5. Maybe...I only bought 10 of them, and the SAS/PARA/MARINES woolen socks (Fitted for Puppet)
  6. The WRAC picture on the card does bear a certain resemblance to his wife, if memory serves correctly...


  7. No it's not: "cognito" at a push could be the ablative masculine or neuter of a participle from "cognosco", but unless there is popular demand for a proper translation, let's leave at at simply being wrong.
  8. have you seen the user name?............... ultimateforce2011
    what a prick
  9. Enough of these trinkets, I shall be shopping batch_the_badge | eBay in time for Armistice Day 2013 and drinks at the Legion afterwards.