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Do the Math to Many Batalions with draw down
Really, how do you work that out? I think you are making this up, are you a journo?

By the way there was no need to use capital letters on math, many or battalion.


Fact 10300 to 80,000 with out losing Battalions????????????????
So the Army as a whole is going to lose 23000 people, this will be a combination of natural wastage, redundancies, people being PAP10'd and people getting medically discharged.

It is entirely possible that more battalions/regiments might be amalgamated or disbanded but those 23000 people won't all come from the Infantry and three battalions would only be around 1500 people give or take.
Obviously Dave wont care much for my opinion, but cutting the army down to 80,000 over the next few years is ludicrous. About a third of the Army was made redudant in the options for change back in 93, when apart from Op Banner, the Army was in peace time. I can only guess that the Government see Reserve Forces as the way ahead, to make up for the shrinking regualar Army. There is alot of reserve forces adverts on the tv at the moment.
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