Who's for the chop?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by GeneralMalaise, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. The SDSR and redundancy package are almost upon us and there's a distinct possibility that elements (read Regiments) of the Corps are for the chop. Which units are likely to go and why and how will the redundancy hit the Corps? Will the dead-wood, passed over Majors get a brown envelope, will it be last in, first out? What do my fellow ARRSERs think?
  2. The Dead Wood should have seen the writing on the wall by now and will most likely have volunteered in any case, rather than be embarrassed by the announcement that somebody somewhere thinks it's time they chanced their arm elsewhere. There will be those however, who will hang on by their toenails and who will be currently making themselves the 'busiest little worker bees' in various HQs. Hopefully the fickle finger of fate armed with a 5 cell maglite will be pointing straight at them. Welcome to civvy street boys. Jump right in..the water is just fine!
  3. However, the dead wood have their pensions tucked away nice and safe so £50k redundancy, on top of lump sum, gratuity & monthly annuity is a pretty good deal for those that add marginal value...
  4. Exactly, if the 'powers that be' are making the redundancy selections with pure cash in mind then the younger blokes, who have not got to their IPP, will be easy targets. Those that are on or past their IPP will cost HMG more cash to get rid of (in the near future) so why not wait to pay those bills in years to come.
  5. One idea I heard floated was to follow the RN and the militant wing of BA by using mandatory retirement points (MCPs for Offrs I guess): The RN retire all their Lt Cdrs at 50.

    This stops your 53 yr old Major who last deployed on GRAPPLE hanging around the office waiting to get his pension now the wife is settled, kids like their school etc etc.
  6. Oh and 8 SDSR Regt is doomed, doomed I tell you.

    Looking at some of the proposals coming out of HQ DRLC a lot could go as their arrse about face 'lets find justify all our Regts/Sqns by dreaming up a role for them' logic is bound to fail.

    Deciding what the Corps is here to do in this bright new age first, and then building structures to do those functions would seem a step too far for some.
  7. Firstly, it's probably the dead wood Lt Cols' that need to go first. The second/third X1 who promote into SO1 posts and then think that they are in a decision-making role only rather than getting stuck in and making things happen.

    That aside the Corps has now virtually turned itself back into the RCT, de-skilling massively along the way (in both officer and soldier specialisations), and leaving itself with a pretty much unskilled cadre of labour. Too late to turn back the clock - now ripe for contractorisation and cherry-picking by other Corps. Still, at least you'll all have a TRF to show for your efforts.
  8. You are correct. But it is not the fault of said major, or any other rank, that he has not deployed on recent ops. It is a failure by MCM to enforce the filling of operational slots from all available pax; and an almost manic rush by DE officers to volunteer for as many op tours as they can in order to get the right career tick in the box - this too is a failure of MCM Div
  9. A lot of these Major's in random SO2 posts are non deployable due to being medically downgraded. It made me chuckle reading PAP 10, where the normal rules for discharging soldiers who are medically non deployable do not apply to Offr's. It should be the same across the board!! What justification is there to say an Offr, with the same injury as an OR, should be retained in service and the OR hoofed out the door?
  10. None in today's money, however the original regulations were written by people who grew up in a time where the working class were expected to doff their caps to the gentry, an attitude which prevailed in the Army long after it was put to sleep in civvy street. Any modern adaptation is merely the clinging on to the 'good old days', where a chap knew his place.

    Shams Ya Bass
  11. ...or it might just be that there are more ERE posts in which officers can be employed and for which there is no reqt to be deployable.
  12. Where are you going to put all those employed in regional Bde's once they are chopped?
  13. Good luck to them, I wouldn't deny them it, but if there's ever been a chance to capitalise upon clearing the 'dead wood', it's here and now. Nobody should begrudge them any pension, etc, but roll over lads and move out because you are in the way and you are holding better people up. In certain cases, you are also merely taking up office space and acting out the career that you were never good enough to have. Take the money and run (Steve Millar Band I believe).
  14. Redundancy if there is no longer a reqt for their function.
  15. Get rid of the driver trade. Problem solved.

    They're already getting rid of the pioneers at least they had an effective role and unique skills, any ****** can drive.