Whos covering this?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mucus2, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/south_yorkshire/8306128.stm

    I suppose you will just have to hope that no one needs the fire brigade!
  2. I'm waiting to see the announcement that says members of the Fire brigade are willing to swap duties with HM armed forces in sandy places to ensure cover is kept at it's present levels........ :twisted:

  3. :D
  4. They'll probably ask the TA to do it for free...
  5. Can I mention the words "Winter of Discontent". It's shaping up quite nicely.

    1. Firefighters
    2. Postal Workers
    3. Public Sector (probably kicking off just after the general election when the hatchet drops)
    4. ?

    Am I missing anyone? :roll:
  6. The TA :?
  7. Are there any left?
  8. Just me.

  9. Snail must have been looking in one of those fairground mirrors if she thinks that is her,
  10. The bin men in Leeds have been out for a month. All we need now is a grave digger's strike with unburied bodies piling up and it'll be deja vu all over again.

    Where's Maggie when we need her?
  11. Didn't the bakers go on strike (or was it the lorry drivers) so there wasn't any bread (its along time ago now) and dont we need heavy snow fall as well?

    Also seem to remember the ambo's did to.

    All in all its like being 10 again, I am really going to enjoy this winter, still got my sledge somewhere!

  12. All we need now is the power workers to come out and back to candles 3 nights a week
  13. Yep. Massive queues outside the Co-Op whenever a bread delivery was rumoured. I know a bloke whose family were getting food parcels from friends in East Germany in 1979. As a result, he spent the 80s urinating through the letter box of the local Labour club on the way home from the pub of an evening. No CCTV in those days. He's now a leading member of the Tory party whose secret remains safe with me - for the moment.

    I think it was the hospital janitors. Ambulances had to stop at the hospital gates so the duty shop steward could check if the patient in the back was sick enough to cross his picket line.

    Much additional outrage ensued when some of the striking b@stards shut off the heating in several hospitals then picketed the boiler houses to make sure nobody turned it back on again.

    Don't do it man! You're not 10 any more. Fall off the sledge and bash the old prostate and you'll spend six months with strangers sticking their fingers up your arrse!

    We were posh so we had oil lamps in our council flat - much more of a fire hazard than candles.

    Anyway, if the government keeps trying to replace decommissioned coal and nuclear plants with fecking windmills, the power workers won't need to strike to cause blackouts.
  14. Bonus.