whos civvy job is in london/wheres your unit?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by copey, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. i work in waterloo, my unit is 34 middlesbrough, im just interested to know how many other people are part of units miles away but still work in this shyt hole?
  2. middlesbroughs not a sh1t hole?
  3. sh1t hole is probably too much of a compliment, cess pit from hell sounds a little better

    Copey, the Yeomanry not let u in???
  4. perhaps you like being in the SH1te.
  5. If you don't like London, then fcuk off you grubby little turd.

    I doubt you were asked to come here. Are you one of those chippy northerners who move here, gob off about how hard northerners are generally, and then get filled in?

    Go home.
  6. I'm from the Boro. Got a job (generally) in London back in 1981 and I'm still stuck here. Londoners don't know where Middlesbrough is - after all, they think that Cambridge is next to Tunisia.
  7. ....and London beer (contradiction in terms) is made from Thames water (and little else).
  8. You still get that down there? Thought the north was doing well at the mo, so that wouldn't happen anymore? Or r u getting the crap that we don't want to employ
  9. No, we're down here to teach the southerners something about integrity.
  10. We've got plenty going the other way in Yorkshire. I'm also classed as an imigrant here, bit weird cause the people calling us that, originated from Pakistan 8O
  11. What's Cambridge?

    Plenty of confused Northerners arrive annually shortly after degree results. They're fairly easy to spot (they can be seen standing goggle eyed in awe at the top of the escalators in most tube stations, or at pub counters asking the barman why they've got no change from a tenner, after all they only ordered three pints). Some stick it, some don't.

    I don't think it's going to happen for much longer though. The majority of people who move to London nowadays do so to go into Finance (becoming less London orientated now trading floors and the LIFFE building are a thing of the past) and media (which will undergo a major switch as the Beeb starts to move up north next year IIRC).

    This type of "emigre" really gets my goat , but not as much as the type who moves to Camden Town/Notting Hill/Belsize Village and like to think that they live in some kind of vibrant little community with endless rows of delicatessens, funny looking bookshops and quaint antique shops, ignoring all the crackheads, open drugdealing and gang violence. Community? I doubt your neighbour would p1ss on you if they saw you on fire.
  12. Where's that pub? 3 pints for a tenner - ur avin a laugh
  13. This is surely a arrse classic comment :lol:
  14. Sorry about that Puttees. Whilst I'm here I'll apologise for some of our other strange habits, like drinking our "beer" in glasses (as opposed to out of a trough) and allowing women in pubs. For some reason, we also look down on more traditional forms of northern entertainment such as badger baiting or wife beating.

    Someone's shown my last on this subject to my mum (Bolton born and bred). They'll never find my body, you know.

    Edited coz I forgot where my Mum's from - spastic
  15. Eeeee, brings back memories....