Whos chucked a sicky then?


Intended to post this yesterday but forgot. :oops:

As a honest, upright member :wink: of society I can say hand on heart that I have never thrown a sicky........apart from the one Friday morning I stopped drinking at 5 a.m :lol: and phoned in a bit 'feak and weeble'. Apart from this one slack moment when I acted like a member of the AAC, I have never had to resort to such low standards.

However, since joining civvy street I have worked with some real p*ss takers in this department, most recent case was a colleague who averaged a day every two weeks over the year. May not sound alot but when others have to pick up the workload it can feck you off :evil:

Anyone got some examples of sly excuses used for time off ?
Must admit when I worked at MDHUs, I used the civvie system of throwing a sickie every now & then. Mainly after a Sunday BBQ that went on until the wee hours!

Did I feel guilty? Not a flicker of remorse at all! :wink:
To be honest I never threw a sicky whilst I was a regular, but the boss once sent me back to bed for being pished (the morning after my leaving do). However being a civvy now I would not hesitate to throw one if I fancied a day off as so far I have seen civvy employers are not going to give you the odd day off for whatever reason without it coming out of your annual holiday entitlement, where as the odd day off would usually be ok'd by the CSM provided it was reasonable without it being taken from your leave entitlement.
Can not remember ever acting like a AAC member when I was in (apart from once going to a fancy dress party as dressed as a woman).
Now I work from home with the nearest boss 6 hours drive away - if I want to skive off for the day I will - not a worry as long as the work gets done.
I do know of people who kick the arrse out of it though. I 'worked' (in the loosest sense of the word) on the rail for two years after I got out - one bloke there (ex RASC/RCT) took 42 days off SICK in one year, plus his annual leave entitlement (21 days).In the summer he stayed at home till 9 - 10 o'clock then use his free rail pass to travel down to the beach. :?
The most recent sicky I threw was a few months ago when I went to pick my brother up from uni with all his things.
Boring, or what?

I was just wondering - with no offence meant, might I add - why a topic about pulling sickies is on 'The Serious Bit' :)
I should watch the news a lot more...

Trivia is good. I spoke of nothing but trivia today. It got boring.
But I will endeavour to talk about fun items to everyone...

Speaking of everyone, and work: I assume most people are in the army (Army Rumour Service) but what about everyone else?
I work in a supermarket, and go to college. They're both really crap, but I'm ****ing ace on the drums.
Most folk on this site who use it regularily are in the Services, some are US and some have connections with the Military. But then again some come on to this site for its rough charm and wit! :?
It was actually a horribly meaningless metaphor, that I use from time to time. I didn't mean actually talk about it :)

Even though you were joking.
My what a pointless post this is...

Speaking of dieting, I'm trying to get fit for the next london marathon. I'm going to try get Snikers to sponsor me (for the snickers -marathon relation) and some unknown condom brand.
dunno if it makes me sad or not but so far 7 days off in 12 years+

do I get a suck-up award or what?
dunno if it makes me sad or not but so far 7 days off in 12 years+

do I get a suck-up award or what?

You win this term's attendance prize!

A good beating from all the other kids in the playground for being a schneck!
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