Whos budget is this coming off?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mag_to_grid, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. They could always use the Sea King from Wattisham. Keeps up the flying hours - everyone's a winner.
  2. Why don't they just roll him to hospital?

    PS I like him, he makes me look skinny. :D
  3. Fill the fat tw at full of helium, string around his leg, Zepplin 3 on his arse and just float him there.
  4. "The most important aspect of transporting him is preserving his dignity "

    What F@cking dignity? They say he has an addiction to eating but the question I ask is how does he get the food ( around 25000 calories a day) given that he is house-bound and, better yet, how does he afford to pay for it all.
  5. Would putting "Zeppelin 3" on his arrse make him fly better?

  6. Am I being a bit cruel to suggest he should try a bit fcuking harder.

    70 stone FFS 8O
  7. He wants to be 70 stone, let him. It's cheaper than wasting hospital money on him. He made his choice let live with it.
  8. Another really top notch current affairs thread - not.
  9. They don't need a helicopter for that fat cvnt…

    Just ring up the Japanese and ask them to send round the Yushin Maru to harpoon the fat fvck.
  10. Absolutely.

    "Mr Mason, a former engineer who suffers from food addiction, has previously admitted tucking into three family-sized takeaways every day - equivalent to around 20,000 calories. A typical adult male needs around 2,500 calories a day."

    It's unlikely that the fat twat was nipping down the chippie on his bike, so whoever has been feeding him should be done for assault. They could have just said 'no', and given him normal portions - unless they were afraid he'd eat them instead?
  11. Couldn't' they put him in one of those vans or lorries that runs on chip fat, shove a liposuction tube in him and hook him up to the engine?

    He loses weight, powers the pork-mobile for free, and 'cuts down on harmful greenhouse gas emissions'.