Whos bricking it when they get out

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by toytrain-driver, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. Are you about to leave. Worried about not getting that £40K job. Or just frightened about the loss of status. Discuss.
  2. For those of you who are feeling like the above have a quick butchers at the emigrate forum! LOL!
  3. Perhaps you should lead off if you want to start a discussion.
  4. I should be bricking it...but as I've got my head in the sand, I should be alright. Anyway...somethings bound to come along...
  5. [Perhaps you should lead off if you want to start a discussion.[/quote] Ok Iam a WO1. Ihaven't done much resettlement as i have been too busy with my job. I am just hopping i will get a good job on the back of my rank, surely it should count for something outside.
  6. Why should any of you be bricking it?

    £40k - I wouldn't get out of my pit for that and I was only a mere L/Cpl.

    Seriously, the big wide world of civvie street isn't that scary, just look upon it as any other challenge.
  7. Only you can sell yourself.
    You must do resettlement (Don't waste it) do a skill trade.
    Unless you know someone who will employ you straight away no one will come to you and give you a job.
    Have you written a CV before. It sounds daft but think how many squaddies at their 22year point have ever needed to write one.

    Why does everyone want a 40k a year job. You have to work for it outside you know..

  8. I Got out in 2002, and if you must know I was bricking it, I even extended 6 month just so I could fit in my resettlement, I was fortunate that the guy who was taking over from me, put me in contact with a guy who was starting his own business at the time. Yes I did get ripped off by the, and I took a pay cut of about 7,000 a year but it had to be done to gain the experience.

    As you are all aware when leaving all we consider is getting a job, and normally snatch the first one going to keep a income coming in.

    Within 6 months I left that company and wen on a 6 month holiday to Oz, when I returned they took me back on, I stayed with them for a year before going it alone and become a wage whore and was earning more than 5 times what they were offering per hour, in that job it allowed me to travel the world and have control of my own destiny, which is really a scary thing from not having ever before, I was getting inundated with offers everyday from recruiting agent all over the world and could pick and choose, even earning around 120,000 pounds a year.
    I became the national configuration manager for NZ for Nokia.
    I have now progressed so much I am a project manager for a state in Australia on not 1 but 4 role outs, it pays to learn the trade from the ground up.

    All I can say is to guys who are leaving, is we have some thing most don’t have, and that’s the ability to think on our feet, and also a will to succeed, even if it means putting extra hours in.
    A lot of civvies don’t, trust me; they sit and bitch about why they have been passed over promotion when they have done nothing to deserve it!!

    Getting out is hard, yes its true and getting over the military way of life is harder, (its been 4 and bit years and I still go on about it especially the comrade part), but if you have the will to do well, the world is you oyster
  9. What skills do you have that you can bring to civvie street that will justify 40K a year? I can see why it must be concerning to anybody who has risen through the ranks to the top of the tree to find themselves a small fish in a very big pool once again.
  10. Unless you are going to get a job through the old boys network I would have to say that the vast majority (99.9%) of civies don't give a monkeys what rank you were in the military.

    In any decent sized firm the fact that you used to be SNCO ic Underwater Mess tin welding means the square root of fcukall.

    It MIGHT help you get that initial interview but having a good CV and some decent quals is much much more important.

    As some one above said only you can sell yourself, your past is exactly that -past.

    Just because you have done 24 years and spent a lot of that in some of the shittyiest places in the world does not mean that the world owes you anything.

    Oh and civdiv isn't all that bad though a lot of the local inhabitants are useless. :)
  11. HH

    Is pretty spot on here.

    If you require a job paying 40k, you've got work for it :sweatdrop:
  12. Sabre you're completely right. The will to suceed and motivation will alway ensure that you rise above the rest of the mongs. Self doubt is harmful but so is arrogance. Understanding your competition and picking apart their weakness for exploitation is the same in civvie street as it is in any other dangerous environment.
  13. What is it about this c*nt and his obsession with what people want to do when they leave?

    Didn't you get a big enough kicking here the last time for posting tripe like this:

    Getting out some advice.
    Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 6:54 am

    I left the R. Signals last July and now have the job i wanted working in Social Services.

    I thought i would post some tips that eased my transition.

    Whilst in study towards a degree, i did mine with the OU and took full advantage of the Standard Learning Credits and Enhanced Learning Credits. You will be supprised how this opens doors and is becoming the min. standard for some jobs.

    Do voluntary work. i did mine with the Royal British Legion as a caseworker. It not only opened my eyes to outside but secured me one of the references i needed. It helped also with the application/interview process.

    Make a plan i started mine with five years left to do. It gave me a framework to work towards and enabled me use my resettlement entitlement wisely and also took away some of the stress of leaving (if you plan your resettlemnt well also use that as an example at the application/interview)

    Be selfish in your last two years it is pay back time for the commitment you gave the system.

    Hope this helps someone.

    You're a f*cking Social Worker now Pish off.
  14. I forgot about this little nugget. I think possibly there is some penis envy.
  15. Just save him the bother of responding:

    I was surprised to receive abusive and purile responses to the subject i posted. What is hard to beleive is i though SNCO or Ex SNCOs may be above all this. This is an open site viewed by anyone including the people that will employ us when we leave not to mention the Public who pay our wages. Do you think any of the rubbish they read does anything for our image. Just a thought Gentlemen and Ladies, just a thought.

    F*cking ringpiece.