Whos been in the pokey?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rudie, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. Never,only ******* get the jail.

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  2. Yes,in my units nick.

  3. Yes,I really f ucked up - MCTC

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  1. I was talking to some of my civvie work mates in the boozer the other night and I mentioned that I had been in the jail a couple of times when I was a young squaddie. I tried to explain that it wasn't as bad as it sounds,and that most young soldiers do a bit of jail time at least once in their careers.
    There is another ex squaddie and an ex rock ape where I work who told me they never ever got locked up,and it was only the wankers who got pokey.

    It got me thinking,how many people on ARRSE have stood on the white line and went through the transision from S.A.T to S.U.S?
  2. Yep. At Minden,Middle Wallop (more than once) and finally at Wattisham. My own fault. No excuses and no regrets either. Know a chap who was locked up for 28 days as a young soldier and his career never suffered. He now walks around with a rather large crown on his rankslide as befits a WO2.

    And I am wanker.A complete and utter tosser of the most amazing sort. :D
  3. I never got caught, doesnt mean I didnt deserve to be jailed, a mate was chatting to a particularly attractive girl, hold this a sec (baccy tin), she went for a piss, in rushed the RMPs got the bastard red handed. Poor cnut didnt and still doesnt smoke. Baccy tin contained something illegal, probably a flick knife or sumfin.
  4. Yep. Never went to Colly though (thank god), although, some of the lads who i know went there for a loooooooooong spell came out with some cracking qualifications and extra get up and go.

    Mine were for stupid drunken (and irresponsible) things that got me slung inside the camp pokey for a 3 dayer, (went AWOL 3 days, so the CO kept me inside that long to piss me about).

    7 Days for lying to a Sgt (was a big porkie)

    And 14 days nick for driving without a license (mitigating circumstances were that i went to the hospital to see my newborn who was very ill).

    All of these were about 1990-1995, so a fair while ago.

    So, all in all (as long as i stay out of the shit) that is it. :D
  5. No excuses and no regrets? What about "NO REQUESTS AND NO COMPLAINTS...SIR!!!"
  6. Civy jails in the third world count? 8)
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor


    Luckily I only did one overnighter and a couple of day visits. Never went from SAT to SUS but as Guard Commander later in my career I had to look after quite a few of my comrades of an evening or weekend who had to repeat something similar to above at the orderly officer's inspection at Staff parade at 2200 hrs.
  8. Drunk and disorderly (Took a wazz on a police car. Cop inside didn't see the humour).

    Two counts of being a mzungu in a war zone when the local commander needed beer money and of getting between a crooked politician and a fast buck.
  9. Never got Colly, but I did go there a couple of times on escorts. Didn't count on getting beasted myself though,f uck me I was cream crackered when we got back to the mini bus!
  10. Happy fucking times!
  11. Got put in Pirbright nick for a few hours during basic, beasted off the square during Adjt Drill Test and the RP Staff told to teach me the error of my ways
  12. Toed the brass strip a few times. Me, my concrete shell, backpack and boots (no laces). Escaped once.
  13. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I always wondered: What about ossifers? Is jail only for the rank and file, with the bosses expected to behave better? Do they have their own nicks? Do they just get chucked out? Or do they simply get the same treatment?

    No wah, serious question.
  14. 14 days SUS in training! hardest 14 days of my life so far!
    ...... and once at my unit for sleeping in for a breakfast shift slopping in the sarges mess! was a lance jack at the time too!!
  15. Rarely happens any more, normally a brisk march from the car park to the painted square outside of the guardroom window, and thats it.

    My father and two grandfathers did escort duty there and said they got fragged all over the place. One of the staff there told me this was so the escorts would go and tell everyone how bad collie was. Shame it doesn't happen anymore.