Whos been caught on film looking like a mong

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flamingo, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Following on from a tangent in the WALT thread, this seemed worth pursueing.

    My personal one to contribute is I am sure I saw myself in a crowd shot of a Bruce Springsteen video of "Born To Run" live many years ago (clip of his concert in Slane Castle in 1985). As I was wearing (from memory) lime green t-shirt and portaguese army combat trousers (don't ask), with obligatory 80's mullet, I could not have avoided looking a mong!

    (Ace gig though!!!)
  2. Not personal, but definitely both caught on camera and looking mongish - the fem Captain (Engrs I think) on the Lord Mayor's parade this morning caught on camera first tick tocking then doing some kind of mlarring riverdance to try and get back in step with arms and legs moving independantly.
  3. As mentioned in other thread,

    Sitting on top of Bedford TM having a laugh with my mate, with fag on go while the CO is telling local news crew that we are all working SOOOOOOOOO hard.

    Running onto the pitch at the old Wembley for a rugby cup final as part of the pre match entertainment. About 50 or 60 of us in lightweights and Norgees, following on behind our red cheeked gwah OC.
    God damned Sky Sports, I think my parents still have the video
  4. I was on "Razzamataz" filmed at Newcastle TV studios in the early 80's. Caught making a wanker sign to the new romantic homos who were playing. Box jacket, staypress trousers and grey slip-ons - how cool was I?

  5. Sta-prest trouser's,I hope you had red socks and ox blood dockers as well mate
  6. My wedding video, specifically the tux. It wasn't my fault, honest. The wife, for all her many, many fine points has the sophisticated taste of a crazed magpie on acid. Sky blue with a red bow tie and black cummerbund, standing a full foot above the rest of the similarly attired males. <shudder>
  7. My mam wouldn't allow me ox-bloods, said they were what 'skinheads' wore! Had to make do with some baby docs instead because my feet were too small for the grown up ones.
  8. Were you married at a mid-70's American prom night?
  9. I believe the man you made the international sign of the masturbator to was the one and only Mr Rick Springfield. He of worldwide music fame, err, apparently.

    If I recall correctly he used to wear only one glove, in a Michael (I hump kids) Jackson type style.

    As an aside, I was videoed by a Canadian TV news crew in 1998 having a mid air parachuting collision 800' above Gosling Lake DZ in Canada. Obviously I did not look like a mong , more of a full on hetro hero willing to almost die in the pursuit of military excellence.
  10. l was caught on film (CCTV) round the back of our local cattlemarket (nightclub)

    she was shit but l was FANTASTIC!!

  11. Yes, I can see why you chose your name now.



  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

  13. I hardly even watched all of that video clip - twice.

    My money is on the CCTV operator being a fat sweaty lad with visions of grandeur, ergo a member of the TA.

  14. It would have been better if he'd clouted round the noggin with a shovel afterwards
  15. Close, provincial China. Talk about time-warp! They think Grease is a documentary...