Who's been a naughty Brigadier then?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Judge Judy, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. No, it ain't me and I don't know him...not at all....no siree......not me....deffo not me.
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  2. One of my old CO's. Oh Dear.
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  3. Can't wait for the FB campaign - 'Free Brigadier A' etc.

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  4. If he won those two fluffy penguins with fraudulently acquired raffle tickets I hope they send him to the Tower.

    Never knew that about Mike Calvert though. Every day's a school day.
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  5. It'll be boarding school allowance again....:rolleyes:
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  6. Read the article - claims that there are 150 brigadiers on the books.

    With an army of just over 80,000 do we really NEED all these brigadiers? I assume the bulk of them will be in office jobs pushing paper around rather than actually commanding soldiers.
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  7. From my readings in the past Mike Calvert was framed IMHO.
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  8. I agree - we should send Smudge from the MT to be Defence Attaches, Directors of MoD branches, serve on the NATO staff etc. His experiences in changing flat tyres will be invaluable.
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  9. I don't doubt that at all.
    Men like him were rather disliked by the old guard.

    I should have clarified that in my first post.
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  10. Some twat is always nicking plasters for their own first aid kit.
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  11. I would suggest that an RAMC Brigadier, while no doubt knowing his way around a human body and the techniques for reparing it, might be as useful as a Smudge from the MT when discussing modern military theory and techniques with whoever may be concerned.

    Also I remember meeting the DA to Kenya back in the 80s. He was only a Colonel. Seeing as how there are just under 200 other countries in the world, most of which are pretty irrelevant to the UK, just how many Military/Defence attaches do we need?
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
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  12. Innocent till proven guilty...

    More to the point, 1*s are generally pretty bloody busy - its not a makework role.
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  13. The trap we’ve fallen into is to believe that a thousand incompetents properly organized can do the job of a few dozen outstanding people. Again.
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  14. I do sometimes think that various ranks across the whole of NATO could be downgraded but who wants to rock the boat when its a cushy number?
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