Whos at this weekends Breifing? 18/09

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Dionysus, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. I am and i am shitting it. All i can hear are the words of my old history teacher "YOU WILL FAIL!".... anyone else in the same mix?
  2. If you think like that then you will. Apply your self and I am sure that you will do fine. Just go out of your way to prove your history teacher that he was wrong and you will get through.
  3. Just enjoy yourself, and give it 100%. And don't get shitfaced and do assualt course with a hangover.

    Best of luck pal, let us know how you get on.
  4. are you going up on the friday too?
    im bricking it too but its all good.

    see you there.
  5. Can you chaps let me know how it genuinely was? Im going for mine sometime next year once i finished my Phase1. (STAB here).

  6. At briefing there is nothing much to worry about. Just make sure you do well on the MAP tests (as these are the only thing that go forward to main board). Be fit and strong enough to run the MSFT to level 10.2 and complete the obstacle course (you don't want a delay because you was not fit enough shows you didn't prepare). In general just relax and you will be fine providing you feel prepared and that you show the leadership abilities they are looking for. Some people are just not made to be an Army Officer.

    Enjoy it and remember its not a simple pass or fail at briefing, you can still achieve your goal of going to the factory even with a cat 3. Although it will be incredibly difficult.

  7. I'll be there on the friday Hombre, in time for some supper. Should be a good mix, at least with meeting some of the others the night before, group discussion etc wont be awkward.

    Cheers for the words of encourgement, i will ensure that El Vino does NOT Flow in the mess, and do my best to get my 15 stone specimen through that bloody bleep test
  8. Good luck gents... jealous I'm going to be waiting a couple of months still, but may 'catch up' further down the line.
  9. Best of British luck to you all...had mine in May and found out today that I'd passed my Main Board.

    Relax, work your arrse off and enjoy it...I *almost* wish I'd received a "come back in six months" on my AOSB just so that I could play on the command tasks again. Ridiculous fun!

    Although, whoever designed that assault course is a sadist...my lungs have never hurt that much!
  10. yeah good luck guys, i had mine last week. you will hear it over and over but just try to enjoy yourselves and it' certainly be a great experiance!
  11. So... what's the word?
  12. Johannesburg!
  13. Learnt my lesson the hard way, i failed to prepare and ended up dislocating my elbow on the assult course. I ended up spending a good few hours on morphine waiting to have it relocated, and have got to do the briefing again. its all a bit shit, but next time i'll make sure i nail it!
  14. Oh feck. Bad luck Dion; how did you manage to injure yourself exactly? Best wishes for a speedy recovery; any idea when you'll be fit for another go?
  15. it was the high jumps. i ran up to it, thought "oh shit, these are bit high", and then had one of those sod it moments. Threw myself at it, got it wrong and landed on one arm. I started to get up to run to the next one, and my arm was floppy. Its a bit of a set back, but the army really looked after me, and it confirmed its something I want to be a part of. Not sure when i can have another attempt, i'll ring my ACA tomorrow and see, but hopefully not too long.