Whos afraid of the BNP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, May 3, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Panicking over the ‘rise of the British National Party’ (BNP) has become a regular feature of British local elections. This year’s no different. Everyone from Christian leaders to media commentators is warning about fascism on the march. A Guardian columnist pointed out that the BNP is using the social networking website Facebook to mobilise supporters ahead of the 4 May elections (1). The Archbishop of York placed an advert in his local paper yesterday warning readers they will be sleepwalking into a ‘wall of hate’ lest they fail to show up and vote for anything but the BNP. Unite Against Fascism and media unions welcomed BBC Wales’ decision to force the BNP to change its party election broadcast, but said the BBC should not allow the far right any platform at all.

    Another cracking article from Spiked Online

  2. Yeah, good article. It's definitely the negligence of mainstream politicians who have failed to address issues of real concern to the public that has influenced the surge in support for the BNP....
  3. Even got a leaflet through the door last week urging not voting for the BNP.
    I suspect a lot of people will vote BNP as a form of protest vote against the mainstream parties.
  4. What worries me about the BNP is that, heaven forfend they got into power, they are incapable of running a p1ss up in an alcoholic beverage production facility.

    Fortunately they'll never get into any sort of proper power because they are too divided - they keep on falling out with each other and have a leadership which concerned only about self-promotion.

    Actually, that sounds rather familiar.
  5. Vote BNP and the Frei Corp!.....and then you will qualify for lots of junk mail via your letterbox!
  6. What annoys me is that, without supporting the BNP, the cut-off for socially acceptable personal political views are percieved as being somewhere to the left of Ghandi

    Is/will it always be wrong to be 'patriotically motivated' (is that a real word?)

    The USA, Canada, NZ and Australia have tougher immigration policies/requirements but thats ok "cos they are only colonials" ?
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The BNP would not get a look-in if it wasn't for some glaring fcuk ups on the communist side of things.

    If the communists under the labliar banner had actually acted in the interests of the British people rather than in the interests of themselves, lining their own pockets, filling the country up with labliar voting immigrants AGAINST the wishes of the British people and as a coincidence totally corrupting our democracy and our values, then the BNP would not even be on the horizon.

    These illiterate wnakers who are campaigning against the BNP and telling us of the horror stories that would come true if they got in power would better spend their time if they talked to each other and said things like "We fcuked up, oh boy did we **** up. The electorate hates us and we have only ourselves to blame. We are cnuts and we had better change for the better or OUR worst nightmares will come true". That would be a much better thing for he alarmists to be shouting.
  8. I belive the BNP's rise is only due to the mainstream parties losing sight of many issues, from being able to discuse immigration without being labeled a racist. To the poor social engineering of allowing ghettos to form and that is white ghettos as well as minoritys.

    Also Liabour instead of regenerating areas of little work and poor education with real schemes use action lite to say there on the case! Casino's and Academys of Excellence would fit this bill.

    The BNP for everything i hate that they stand for however as a legal political party must be allowed to stand regardless as we allow the Communist party to stand also.

    This fear of the BNP is nothing more than cheap spin by some parties too scare the voters there is nearly always someone of worth voting for, be it an independant or the candidate not the party! And like other extreme parties the BNP will only gain marginal influence in county politics and barely register nationaly if one ever gets too sit in the Palace of westminster i will be most suprised.
  9. Have to agree with Halo (if only becaise of a mental image involving her & Xena from another thread).
    It's a free country, or so I'm told. You can't outlaw a political party simply because you disagree with them. If their policies are so repellent and over the top, they won't get the support. And if they do - it speaks volumes about the state of the nation.
    Mainstram politicians should not feel threatened. Nor should they create scarey monsters to protect the voters from.
    Hmmmmm - have you read '1984'? If not, now's the time. Draw a few parallels and weep.
  10. What should really scare people is the EU constitution.

    You can kiss democracy goodbye when Blair slips that one in through the back door.

    On another note who are the BBC to dictate what can and cannot shown in an election broadcast providing the material is within the law?

    Since when did the BBC become the mouthpiece of the Labour party? (1997 at a guess)

    So much for its charter about impartiality eh?
  11. Is it wrong to be patriotically motivated? Patrotically motivated in what sense is the obvious reply! Patriotism is the idea that one defends or is zealous for one's country's propserity, freedom or rights. If that is what any given patriot is about then apparently so far so good. It is when someone tacks an additional agenda onto it or selectively interprets who is considered suitable to share in these that it becomes a grey area.
  12. The BNP are a bunch of pond life - but in a free and fair election they must be able to stand - even if they are divisive and thick - with the exception of their leader who is v bright but dangerous.

    I have met some of them and they are very silly people.
  13. In order for militant nationalists to get into power in a democracy they require social upheaval and discontent... such conditions make it easy for them to appeal to disillusioned voters by telling them exactly what they want to hear.

    The fact that the BNP has obtain even a modest level of success is indicative of some real problems that your mainstream parties are failing to address.
  14. Nail on the head.
  15. Modest level of success Khyros

    How many council seats, How many dozen BNP councillors?