Whos a Naughty Girl Then

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dinosaur_poo, Sep 2, 2011.

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  1. So, after the RHA-Guitar saga, the female side (and the TA side) have decided to join in with the jail visiters.

    Female Territorial Army bomb disposal expert who looted TV from Argos is jailed | Mail Online

    Of course, question 2 is, would you?
    I probably would.
  2. A 19 year old 'bomb disposal expert'? Being in the TA, is she even likely to have finished basic?

    What does her being in the TA have to do with anything anyway?
  3. Trying to see if I give a rats arrse.
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  4. Also has an FB page...................I pity her colleagues in that picture!!!
  5. It is, you know. Sirrah. Apparently it would fit under a 7RHA beret:


    Post #30 (panzerknacker)

    She's in the Southwark local paper. Was remanded a week before her parents found out - they said that the law could keep her.

    I demand satisfaction, Sir.
  6. Can i just state for the record that whoever she is, she is a wedge, not a Loggie!
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  7. I would sap her (see what I did there?)
  8. Even if she were, the fact that she doesn't use a whole roll of green belt to herself makes her more attractive than most female loggies.

    That said I saw a Ta loggies recruitment stand a while ago with a mega MILF Sgt at the helm. No photo I'm afraid.
  9. and she supports millwall.................

    .........the mockney gopping pig.
  10. This recruit has not finished TSC(A). And she won't now.

    And trust me, 5 mins in her company and I can categorically state that you would not. I can promise you that.
  11. Innit?
  12. Knock you back, did she? ^_~