Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bobjugs12, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. ...........
  2. Go to bed, mate. You'll thank me in the morning. Well I hope you don't THANK me, but it's best for all.
  3. Go to Watford there are so many enthusiastic amateurs they don't need pro's. ;)

    PS WRAC? When did you last serve?
  4. I'm a bit busy tonight, otherwise you'd have been in.
  5. don't be sorry
    claw hammer - check
    roll of black nasty - check
    hessian sack - check

    there you go you're all set for a late night pull :twisted:
  6. That's SO last year, old boy! This "Season", Chloroform or Roofies are the must-have accessories for any discerning rapist/serial killer about town! :twisted:
  7. Sluggy, do you still do cashback? :)
  8. These are only applicable if you have a truck to drive........
  9. Yes darling xx
  10. There are times when you just have to resign yourself to the old soldier's friends of palm, spit, and 'lovesock'.
  11. Cashback, bareback, on her back? Great business model!
  12. Whatever happened to the soldiers' friend - the good old wan-king sock? Saves a tenner, doesn't moan at you and you don't even have to say thanks!

    Taxi for one please!
  13. It don't yell, it don't tell and it's as grateful as Hell! :D

    Room in that Taxi for one more? We'll split the fare... :oops: