Whores,Wars and Waste.

nope but I remember him.
not really the answer you were after but..........never mind
I remember him I believe myself and Foxy met him at the same time.


SKJOLD said:

Whats the story ventress? Why the raw nerve? :?
I am aware of the possible replies, which I assume you are not. It's called Moderation.
i wonder if hes thrown in a few gypsies and the odd car chase to liven it up a bit.
dui-lai said:
Does he mention my goodself :wink:
i think you were hinted at in the 'shower scene'
dui-lai said:
I was drunk pretty much of the time at Woolwich :roll:
it was the law
Well guys, I've read the book.Just a bunch of stories that we all tell when painting boxes.No names, which makes it uninteresting, but if you served in the same units as he did, you would probably put a name to them.

Byefirnoo. :) :) :) :) :)
dui-lai said:
Ventress said:
Better sit down and make some up some 'sand bag stories'!
I'm very good at that......or so I'm told anyway :roll:
would that be wearing them or filling them?

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