Whores, Wars and Waste: Antics of the Modern British Army

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Pielover, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. Anyone read it? Is it anywhere near as good as the mighty "Picking up the brass" ??
  2. About half way through. Writing style makes it easy to read and the author states that every single tale is true. I've no evidence otherwise but he came into the Army about the time I left it. In the 24'ish years I served, I had heard very very few of these stories. Obviously, the Army has changed quite a bit.
    Or some came from the Department of Urban Myth?
  3. I made it to page 92 before I gave up.

    It is pure walting fantasy, written as a series of anecdotes about the author's Military career.

    It covers his time from being a Boy Soldier for some unspecified Regiment/ Corps, to being RSM somewhere. This takes in the Para's (where he earned his 'Red' beret) and an undisclosed unit that grow their hair long, dont salute officers, and practice "anti terrorist exercises based on an embassy siege" including demos for Royalty.

    There is a story titled 'The Roundabout Siege', where several units within his brigade decided to storm a roundabout that signified the demarcation line between the garrison and the local town. They dig trenches, erect barricades and deploy barbed wire.
    The civil police attend, and get fcuked off, the Military Police try and also get fcuked off, so mounted police (The next story tells of the RMP's Mounted Section, so presumeably it is these he is talking about)are sent in. these get hampered by the barbed wire and barricades. Eventually the "heroic defenders" (authors words) get dispersed by the local Fire Service turning their hoses on them. No arrests were made, as the rest of the garrison cunningly disguised in civilian clothing manage to extract the soaken wet troops before capture.

    Don't waste any money buying this rubbish.

  4. Sounds as if it was Ghost written for one Mr G Taylor ha ha !!!!
  5. I know and served with the author he did serve with various units and in my opinion spent far too long in the sun, he is also mentioned in another thread by K13eod who knows of him since he left. There is some truth in his stories but truth only viewed through his eyes, I have heard the same stories from different points of view and they differ slightly from his account. The battle of the roundabout is from the Shot long before my time but I think JD might shed some light on the story.

    I bought the book on his recommendation and would send anyone my copy if I can find it in the bin.
  6. I have known the author since I left the army in 2000. I worked with him in Kosovo and then Lebanon. He is a genuine guy and certainly no walt having served in the army for a full career. He was badged paras and did spend some of his career with 'them'. He is definately as mad as a barking hatstand (as CBG points out ... too long in the sun ... but maybe too many G&T's watching the same sun going down) but he can certainly tell a tale and some nights would keep us amused until the early hours.

    Whether all his tales are true is another thing; I never served with him nor was I SF ... but I am told from other sources that his tales are 'close enough for government work'. The book isn't the best written in the world but I enjoyed it for that; a simple tome of funnies most of which I have heard from the authors own mouth. But if he ever decides to write a similar book on his later years there will be a few of us in the demining industry awaiting publication nervously!
  7. I look forward to that book K13, might even get this one mate. I'm intrigued to be honest. :D
  8. It is worth a read Sparky but have a large pinch of salt ready.
  9. Will do mate :D
  10. If anyone wants this, Barter Books in Alnwick received my copy this afternoon.

    This is only the second book I have never finished, the other being le Carre's 'Night Porter'.

    Sorry, I know there are people on here who know the guy, and he might be/ have been the genuine article, but I didnt like his book (fair play to him for writing one though).
  11. You got the book in A'nick??

    Thought they only read Harry Potter down there... :D
  12. Just putting in a word for Barter Books. Damn fine place with some great stuff, good resources (food and drink + open fire in winter) and a very helpful crew of staff.
  13. ORC no offence meant mate.

    Coleagues of mine with the septic Uni based at A'n'k Hoose (Castle) sing it's praises. Never been there myself. It's on the list now though.
  14. The author is a tw@ of the highest order. He tends to gloss over his committing gross indecency in Hohne (actually he doesn't mention it at all). He caused a lot of pain to the family of a dying fellow-soldier by his boorishness and lack of feelings for what they were going through merely being concerned with his own self. He was airborne (for a short while) but not Para Regt.
    I wouldn't wipe my arrse on his book