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Posted to STC I walked past the Strip often. Emphasis on past it! Occasional nights out took us to the strip but only to the bars.
However we were all sitting in one of the bar, when my young clerk decided he would head off to one of the brothels for a shag. He returned ssheepishly a few minutes later. They had refused him entry. He said because he looked too young. We thought it was just because he was too ginger!
Don't remember which one but I believe it was more or less directly opposite Normandy Barracks main gate. I don't remember many specific details about the strip in general. Had a tattoo done by an English guy a bit further down the road once but pub names and specific memories of nights out pretty much escape me. We usually got pretty blootered in the NAAFI before we left camp.

One particular memory remains while doing a freefall course at Bad Lippspringe. We stayed at Normandy for the course and one night my mate and an Irish Hussar from the course went out on the lash. We bumped into another tankie somewhere who we didn't know, and the four of us had a good night.

We ended up eating outside a schnelly again I believe it was opposite or near Normandy main gate. A car pulled up and a group of guys got out. They opened the boot and pulled someone out who was tied up and hooded. It was dark, late and we were pissed but I seem to remember lots of black plastic was used. They saw us and armed themselves from the contents of the boot. I definitely remember pick helves and Army shovels the same as those we used in the Infantry, and baseball bats. My guess has always been they were squaddies but who knows.

The situation looked pretty feckin serious so we just started running. I definitely remember them putting the 'body' back in the boot before attacking us. A somewhat lengthy pursuit ensued and I ended up hiding in some gardens a fair bit away from the strip. When all seemed quiet I made my way back to camp. My mate from my Battalion and Billie the Irish Hussar were already back by then. They too had managed to escape unhurt. We were all a bit shaken by it. These guys meant business and the body, alive or dead, in the boot was bizarre.

We worried about the 4th man who we didn't know and had no way of knowing what happened to him. We reported the incident of course. Around two years later I met the 4th man again. He was his CO's driver and had driven his CO to our camp for whatever reason. I don't remember now what Tank Regiment he was but I knew at that time, possibly RSDG.

We discussed the incident and compared memories of that night. He got caught and took a serious beating, requiring a considerable stay in hospital. He reckoned they had left him for dead. Seems him getting caught allowed the rest of us to get away. Neither of us ever found out more about the incident, who these guys were, or who was in the boot of the car. This was summer 83.
Just found this pic. Guy on the left was one of us in the ''Body in the boot incident, as was the minging tankie. That's Billie from the Irish Hussars iirc. Give us a shout if you're around Billy. Me holding the coke can. We bumped into Billy years later after an exercise somewhere. Billy seems to have refused the available showers.

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