Whopee-do. Ive got another stalker....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Is it the cologne I wear?

    Do I have 'stalk me, I love cretins' on my signature block?

    Is this some sort of mong joke that only mongs get and I don’t?

    Is there a mong website running in parallel to this one where the chief mong issues orders to his little band of mongs to go out and annoy the living fuck out of The Lord Flasheart?

    What is it?

    My latest 'collectable' appears to be the recently joined member, Cammo. Apparently, it’s some sort of Danish journo but I have my doubts.

    I think it has attached itself to me because I called him a cock on one of the threads. He obviously sees this as a green light to fill my pm box with what he believes to be love letters.

    For example;

    His opening gambit;

    My reply;

    His witty response;

    My parry;


    Some of you chaps may be confused as to why I'm sharing this with you but I just felt I should document this potential blossoming relationship right from day one.

    My advice to Cammo would be to really do a bit of research before you choose me as your special little friend. ;)
  2. Theres always the option of a spitroast!
  3. Well done on becoming, ARRSE's very own 'spakker magnet'.

    You should be proud.
  4. Cammo:

    Flash already has lot's of special friends... He really dosn't have time for a cunt like you... :D
  5. Sorry no sympathy, you should realise that day centres have internet access and that the 'tards get to surf the web.
  6. I feel left out, no fecker ever PM's me, I would be quite happy to have a mong spaz as my bezzer tinternet friend. As long as he swallows and dosent expect a reach around.
  7. you did see the words on his avatar didn't you flashy?

    Remember, it could be YOU! :)
  8. Great. I love a challenge and I seem to have a bit of spare mong time seeings how chubbs been evicted yet again and that mad witch from a certain sea side town has been hoovered off the planet.

    What I would like is input from you lot as to how I should play this situation.

    After all, I'm not going to be around forever and it would be nice to hand the 'mong magnet' down to a padawan at some stage.
  9. I can see the blossoming of a potential love-match :)

    In the past has there been a pair of ARRSErs that have married? This could be ground breaking!
  10. You mean the first online live murder?
  11. Well that's not what I meant....but hey.....sounds perfectly reasonable. Will it be live webstreamed to the world? Could be pay per slash :)
  12. The Septics will be in soon loading up my Inbox. You are not alone with the cologne.
  13. Oh dear, and there was me thinking I was famous at last.

    Ho Hum.
  14. Check pms :wink: hammy
  15. The walt lord called me a cock in a gay thread.
    I'd watch out if I was a man in this thread