Whoops, who's been a naughty Soldier....

Whoops, who's been a naughty Soldier....

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A Paratrooper who fought in Afghanistan faced court yesterday accused of stealing a £1,900 guitar during the riots.

The serving soldier was among the mobs which trashed shops in Manchester on Tuesday – his 20th birthday.

Liam Bretherton is accused of stealing the electric guitar and then trying to sell it on to a music shop near his home in Leigh.

A cross-country champion, he serves with 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery based in Colchester, Essex.

Manchester magistrates were told he had been prepared to admit handling stolen goods but, when this was altered to the more serious charge of burglary, he pleaded not guilty.

He claimed he had bought the Gibson guitar from a looter for £20 but tried to sell it after realising it was a left-handed model.

Bretherton’s distraught father Alan yelled: ‘He’s been a good lad all his life, he’d never been any trouble to us’ while his mother Eileen sobbed.

District Judge Khalid Qureshi remanded him in custody for a week, telling him: ‘I find it hard to believe that someone with an interest in guitars just gravitated to a music store where a crime was being committed and ended up with a left-handed guitar by mistake.’

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Can a mod shove this into the naafi. Posted in CA in error.
Did he loot his jacket from a grown up?

Do you think he's any good at "Smoke on the Water"?
Fucking Emmerdale Walt.
bit of a pretty boy...strangeways is manchester, right? oh dear....
i would guess they'll be a few more across the army...doing their bit for redundancy at least
First mistake: Not looting with the rest of his unit. They could have had all sorts away and not been caught.

Oh wait, they're paras. They'd probably have been surrounded, run out of food and had to surrender.

Never mind.


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Don't worry, when the Duty 2LT stands up in court and says "If you send him to jail, he'll have to leave the army" and his brief plays the PTSD card, he'll be free to roam the streets again.


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Daily Telegraph covering the story as well.

Manchester riots: soldier charged with burglary remanded in custody - Telegraph

Looks like he wasn't the sharpest tool in the box...

Gunner Liam Bretherton, 20, faces dismissal from the Army after walking into a guitar shop with a valuable Gibson Les Paul just 12 hours after a flagship music store in Manchester had been ransacked by looters. He was arrested when the owner of the shop became suspicious and checked the serial number on the instrument. He then locked him in the shop until the police arrived.
But someone still loves him.

Bretherton's mother, Eileen, sobbed as he was sent down to the cells. His distraught father, Alan, yelled from the public gallery: “He's been a good lad all his life, he'd never been any trouble to us".


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Well people were demanding that the Army get out on the streets
Perhaps he just misunderstood what they meant?

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