Whoops , how did they find out?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by western, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. But nothing about the Gardai who colluded in IRA murders of RUC and Army personnel? Hmmm, that's a bit odd.

    They can't have finished their exhaustive investigations, yet, that must be it.
  2. The link goes to the Beebs NI page and I can't find Your story on it :(
  3. Cheers
  4. Of course, this has only been generally known since about 1970, so I suppose it's about time they investigated it. :D :D :D

  5. Maybe the British Government should initiate an investigation into Irish Govt/Garda collusion with the IRA, starting with the "ethnic cleansing" of protestants in the areas of the North adjacent to the border, after all whats sauce for the goose etc.

    I suppose no real point as those poor republicans never did any harm to anyone, poor dears. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  6. If both side colluded then it happened. Move on get over it.

    Its a waste of time starting committee's after so many years. Its not going to bring the victims back is it!.

    If the British Government did set up a committee to investigate, let's hope its not good old Lord Stevens, as his Office keeps on going up in flames ;-)
  7. If one were a cynic (perish the thought) one might be forgiven for suspecting that this timely Dáil committee finding was in someway an inducement to coax Sinn Féin/IRA back into the Assembly.
  8. Oh...and did they manage to find Nicky Kelly was innocent while they were about it? Or indeed Shergar or Lord Lucan??
  9. Funny that they haven't, considering that it wasn't in the terms of reference of the inquiry :roll:

    As others have said, there seems to be little point in investigating the deaths now- it won't bring back the lives of those killed. The families, however, would like to know "the truth".

    From my reading of the Troubles, yes, there would appear to have been collusion on both sides, the most famous example in the south involving the murders of senior RUC officers Breen and Buchanan in 1989. There was also a Limerick- based detective arrested and imprisoned around 1991 for being a bit too friendly with PIRA. Unfortunately, from what has come to light so far, there were rather more instances of collusion on the other side of the border. Rogue elements within the security forces? Undoubtedly, but it doesn't mean they should be ignored. On both sides those responsible should be brought to justice.
  10. Here it is! :

    THE Supreme Court unanimously overturned a High Court jury award of €175,000 to a retired garda who claimed he and a separated mother-of-four were wrongfully arrested and detained 14 years ago on suspicion of being members of the IRA.

    Retired Garda Joe Walshe (63), Oaklawn Drive, Dromin, Nenagh, Co Tipperary, and Kay Bedford (60), Sir Harry's Hill, Limerick, were found by the High Court to have been unlawfully arrested on September 27, 1991 in Limerick under Section 30 of the Offences Against the State Act and detained for three days on suspicion of IRA membership.

    Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns, in his judgment, said the arrests took place as part of an investigation into "a matter of major concern" to Garda authorities at the time - the infiltration of the Garda ranks in Limerick by the IRA.

    A substantial part of his judgment concerned the requirements sufficient for the arrest of Mr Walshe under Section 30.

    He said the State had conceded that a direction by "a superior officer" on its own was insufficient to ground an arrest.

    In the case before the court, the direction was given following a lengthy investigation by Detective Inspector Anthony Fennessy into possible infiltration of Limerick's Garda ranks by the IRA and the preparation of a C77 briefing document containing highly sensitive information (not prepared by the inspector) including naming Mr Walshe and Ms Bedford as suspected sympathisers with the IRA. The document was sent to Garda headquarters.

    Both Mr Walshe and Ms Bedford were arrested in Limerick on September 27, 1991 under Section 30. Mr Walshe was at the time a plainclothes garda who had 33 years service. Ms Bedford was on friendly terms with Garda Walshe.

    Both were brought to Dublin, detained for 40 hours and questioned at the Bridewell Garda station before their release.

    The pair subsequently brought a claim for damages against the State and in May 2003 a High Court jury awarded €175,000 damages to Mr Walshe and €100,000 to Ms Bedford.

    The State appealed the awards. Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld the jury award to Ms Bedford but found the arrest of Garda Walshe had been valid and set aside the jury award to him.
  11. M_M,

    Different thing altogether. PM sent.
  12. Not that I'm trying to wash our collective hands of anything, but I believe in the case of the Southern security forces it was more a case of infiltration than official collusion.

    I don't know enough about what happened/is alleged to have happened with the RUC/British Military to comment about that side of things.

    That said there are things I have heard from embittered ex members of the defence forces (believe it or not you'll find no love of the IRA in the Defence Forces or the Gardai apart from the occassional tosser) which would suggest the Civilian Government often had a bit of a Neville Chamberlain attitude.

    But I wouldn't repeat them in a public forum.
  13. Its about time a Royal Pardon was enacted, exonerating all Crown forces from all this nonsense, lets say 1969 till 1998.