Whollowing in Grief and Self Pity

Is it me or is any one else sick of our parasitic media still banging on about the London Bombs trying to stoke up fear, hate and revenge among the public just so they can self a few more stories. I mean lets look at the fact:

1. More people have died on the roads since last Thursday than were killed last Thursday.
2. China, Bhurma, Zimbabwe have been polihing off that many a day for a number of years now and generally no one is bothered.
3. The number of people in London coupled with the numbers of journeys made a day means that statictically your no more likely to be caught in an attack this week than you were last.

I watched the Live 8 concerts 2 weeks ago and a common thread was that if 30,000 people in the UK died each day something would be done. Well 54 died in on day last week and we still havn't heard the end of it.

Note to the Press, " We're bored, move on"
I agree to a point, why should the media keep stoking up fear? This is unforgivable.

However, what happened was an attack on our way of life and our freedom, who do these terrorists think they are? It was a travesty.

Some people feel the need to express their feelings in the open without the fear of retribution from the likes of you. Many people around the country are comforted to know that something is being done so the papers duly report it.

Another point......You are right, it should be balaced with the other horrible things that are happening in the country.

How bout some GOOD news for a change though?
Keep the updates and information coming but I am getting heartily sick of the "human angle" stories - I knew the bomber - good bloke sort of things. Whinging folk complaining that they can't go back to their homes - not really focusing on the point that a house may be full of volatile explosives - well you can go on and on. As is the case with UK and US news, they did not show the insensitive bits after the bombings, bits of person, people getting heart massages etc in defference to people's sensibilities. Not so in Spain, we got the full works. Now that I could do well without. Spanish media were the same with 9/11 AND 11 May too, and they were their own people.
24 hour news coverage has to be filled with something, that's why every possible angle is covered and every ounce of 'newsworthiness' (is that a real word) is wrung from the highest profile story of the day. I agree with Zofo - I like to updated periodically too, but please lay off the 'I knew the bomber' and 'I sold him a pair of shoes 10 years ago....' angles. Sadly, with 24 hours to fill, the only realistic filler is s h i t.

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