Whole Worlds gone Catholic...WTF??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rocketeer, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. Okay.. bit of a rant time...

    Pope JohnPaul II was the first pope to die in the era of the 24 hour cable-news network. He was not the first celebrity[??] The " Mourning " of Diana Princess of Wales [ wails?] probably came close to rivalling his in terms of sheer broadcast hours. But J2P2 took much longer to die than producers planned, and his dying days pushed the constant news medium to its conceptual limit.. far more hours had to be filled with ' experts' and well-wishers[ ??] and emotional teenagers and 'emotional' vistas, in the absence of any actual news, than had ever occurred on television before.[ its as if the rest of the world events have all stopped ]..

    This event was also the best illustration we have yet seen of how the presence of constant visual news flow actually shapes perceptions and thus alters history. What the news channels did, out of the necessity of their schedules, was to vastly inflate both the signifigance of the event and the popularity of the man. They instantly canonized a pope who had up to that point been characterized by the secular media as, at best controversial and, at worst, regressive. They quickly convinced themselves that they were all Catholic!
    And they probably changed forever how a pope's death will be seen and understood.

    Let's summarize the few weeks of religious issues which have dominated the media up to these last orgiastic days. First , there was the Terri Schiavo case, a non-issue to most of the developed world, which became, in the US a fire-and-brimstone battle between the fervid and the godless. That lasted , what? two weeks.. recall its steady theatrics of chanting and praying protesters, preaching politicians, and the most startling contemporary image of all; the Schiavo family ' spokeperson ' a hysterical monk in medieval garb!
    Then we had Easter, another three days of near-constant religious music on radio, TV and video streamed cellphones of Catholic faithful streaming to mass [ in their twice yearly pilgrimage out of the suburban household ]
    no more than a couple of days respite and JP fell ill and the hoopla for Catholics started again.. A real good month PRwise for sure..The sheer number of sombre priests on the airwaves must itself dispel the notion of liberal media bias...
    Certainly, a great many of the billion or so world Catholics seriously loved and admired the man and feel a genuine loss and grief, and all the outpouring of emotion and the response about the globe is definitely a legitimate news item providing a deeply effective and affective look at the ' power of faith '..and its probably good for skeptical athieistis urbanites to be reminded that, while they are ' overrepresented' in the media they really don't ' represent' the majority..

    Still other 'realities ' should also be noted.. One billion is still one sixth of the the whole.. five-sixths of the world don't ' follow' the pope of the Catholic church.. including about three-quarters of the USA - and J2P2 wasn't a great reconciler and revolutionary but a hard-line conservative who refused to endorse safe sex in Africa making him complicit in the epidemic holocaust that has seen 30 million people die..
    Only now are we looking ' beyond the man ' and getting past that ridiculous scroll on the bottom of the news reports: " Not Dead Yet "...

    Now the media juggernaut gears up , 3500 accredited media folk have descended on Rome, and leased prime real estate for the optimum placement of their intrusive eyeball cameras [ the local bus terminal overlooking St. Peter's has been carved up and subcontracted out by NBC who had the ' foresight'? to lock it into a long term lease almost 2 years ago[?!?] in anticipation of the pope cacking it...

    No one has seen such a massive production engine kicked into gear...no turning back..retrospectives, film/photo montages, weeping 14 year old girls, pimple faced neophyte priests, sombre religious pundits, disenfranchised popular theologians, the brother of the uncle of the aunt of the sister who lived next door to the pope when he was six will all dutifly pass before us on the screen filling in the gaps of his life while pope books, and tacky souvenirs will slide out the shop doors at ten times the speed of Chuck and Camilla's wedding memorabilia collectibles [with the date corrected in magic marker..]

    This is maipulation to a fever pitch, emotional snowballing until ' everyone ' feels it and legend becomes reality [ the pope single handedly defeating communism for example ]

    not a pontifical mass but mass hysteria...

    nothing like a sudden coincidental, confluence of religious activity in the news to prove to us that there is a resurgence of religion across cultures and around the world..Especially in America where it has become clear that in the current cultural climate, for both TV and politicians - who both got to sell themselves to the masses - there is currently no safer political bet than to express religious belief and no safer bet than a church service [ and we decry the religious fervour of the Islamic world as 'depicted' in Iraq and Palestine or the defence of Israel by the world wide disapora of the Jews ]..

    Still, moving images of people feeling noble thoughts are so much better than images of war...

    okay...returning to regularly scheduled programming will occur some time in the next week of two - never thought I'd say this but bring on Survivor Tuvalu or Liverpool Nights or Donald Trump or Desperate Housewives ... Bring Back Hockey Night In Canada!!!
  2. its nothing new, all septics turn Irish on the 17th March every year. :roll:
  3. I think he'd agree with you...

  4. Probably a little harsh being as he was even more against people having sex outside marriage. Had the people in question in Africa followed his teaching in full, there wouldn't be an AIDS epidemic - still, don't let that get in the way of a good rant!

    I would agree though that having various Cardinals stand up on TV and proclaim that condoms don't prevent the transmission of AIDS is seriously dumb however - although IIRC JP2 never actually said that himself.
  5. Whilst not wanting to prevent anyone from expressing their greif, what about the rest of the 5 billion people on the planet who aint of that particular persuasion?

    I am sick and tired of 24 hr coverage of what is going on at the vatican. Had it not been for this orgy of faux grief by the media, i may have even contemplated watching the funeral, but seen as how i have been drowned in constant coverage, i will now mostly be building a patio during his funeral (and i bloody hope who ever is upstairs doesnt punish me by leaving an imprint on my patio in the form of the face of JP2! 8O )

  6. Filbert wrote:

    and scousers, oh forgot, they already are Irish 24/7 :twisted:
  7. This is the pope that held up proccedings and protected priests from investigation into thier abuse of young boys....so as far as I'm concerned he can burn in hell.
  8. Carlsberg don't do perfect weekends for Protestants. But if they did, last weekend would probably have been it. Joe the Pole croaks, Celtic get humped in the SPL........ :lol:

    With respect, the guy was 84 years old, in rag state physically, and probably sick of the whole charade anyway. Overkill on coverage.

    I have to admire the brass neck of whoever dreamed up the concept of a religion like Catholicism in the first place, though. Biggest con-trick ever perpetrated on the downtrodden and gullible masses. And a money-making concern on a grand scale.
  9. To all followers of Catholicism, Your Pope is dead get over it! youll get another puppet in a few weeks.

  10. Yep, they've released the details about his thoughts about standing down in 2000. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4420879.stm
  11. Rocketeer,

    I can't believe you cut and pasted that article and tried to pass it off as your own!
  12. Wish they would bury him and get it over with....its now been on telly for about 9000 hours....hes probably waiting in purgatory and cant move on to wherever he is going till they bury the poor sod!
  13. I can
  14. Got a Guilty Conscience by any chance?