Whole Fleet Management

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ChickenHeart, Jan 22, 2005.

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  1. I attended a short course recently and the concept of Whole Fleet Management was raised. The idea as I perceive it, is barking and driven by economics (as usual) instead of good working practice; anybody else got any views/comments to add, as this will significantly change the way we do our business in the future.
  2. Won't it just mean that there will be no-one to blame if there is no/not enough lift avail for an ex/operation?

  3. What it will mean is even less chance of seeing the REME anywhere near the garages, blokes counting star washers and grommets in their lockers instead of on the trucks, and the techs doing 1st line inspections on a pile of kit laid out neatly on a 9x9 canvas, coz you ain't NEVER going to see the same truck twice!

    Not to put too fine a point on it, all the blokes who have built custom fits for the back of their dets (e.g. Metro seats, map boards, "borrowed" pnthouse lights etc) will no longer have anything to play with, nor anywhere to hide when troop sgt is looking to d1ck someone for a job. No longer is Monday morning for sleeping off a hangover in the det with the back door closed! :(

    In essence, their taking away everything that motivates blokes in the garages, and leaving them with the sh1t part of the job. :roll:

    Or perhaps someone will correct my cynical projection :?:

    Didn't think so :lol:
  4. Chickenheart
    I am interested in this concept and thought it had been going on for a while, however no-one has ever given a brief on it to my unit. I don't know anyone in mhy place who has been on a brief for this. Can you elaborate and give us the general idea of what it's all about, or leave a web link. If the boys in the troops are going to be mucked about by this, lets get together on an ARRSE thread to get the feeling of what is going on.