Who'd you rather go on the lash with; HRH Prince Phillip or Bill Clinton?

Who'd you rather go on the lash with? Phil or Bill?

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Having a hole in my head, I've long wondered.

HRH is of course a Legend and really doesn't give a Donald Duck about PC issues. Tells it like it is.

Bill, on the other hand, likes burgers and blowjobs from plump chicks. And we all like bouncy castles.

Who'd you rather go on the lash with, and why?
Clinton, because he would know the whereabouts of every black Arkansas crack whore on the block- and would gleefully make them all airtight with me on a drink and viagra-fuelled bender.

Plus Phil still owes me a tenner from last time, the cunt.


Phil. His style of cuntishness,casual cruelty and racism is truly something to behold. Plus I reckon he'd tell a cracking yarn.

Clinton might be a bit of a pants man but I reckon he'd be a fucking woose.

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Mmmm Bill! I'd hate to have Prince Philip have a heart attack on me when entering a strippers....
PTG (God bless him) is 93 ffs. Two gn'ts and he'll be snoozing and dribbling onto his shoulder. Fine man but the years catch up. I'd like to get Bill lathered and spliffed up and hear a detailed qualitative analysis of Monica and Hillary as fellatrixes

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Does chilling with Bill mean we get access to Chelsea's special moist place?
Phillip wins hands down for three reasons:

1. Where ever you go on the beer with him would be over the moon having a HRH in the place free beer.

2. Sluts once word gets around that you are mates with HRH the sluts of this world would be after you right quick smart.

3. Money the press would be after bits news and would no dought pay you a few bob.

And if no of them work one could say that he is a top man and would make any night out good.
If i wanted just a good piss up without any risk of a punch up then it has to be Clinton.

Reason being Phil the Greek is non pc and upsets the genteel folk when he is sober, think what mayhem would ensue after the falling down water has loosened his tongue.

However Phil would have been the drinking buddy of choice, in my formative years, Union Street Plymouth agh the memories.
The reason the majority of you cunts would want to go on the piss with a 93 year old nutcase is because you would have an excuse for the air of stale-piss which surrounds you on any jaunt outside your bedsits.

Swapping stories about grouse shooting with a racist is all well and good, but Clinton crammed a cigar up an interns chuff for fucks sake. Man-up you dreary old bellends.
Mmmm Bill! I'd hate to have Prince Philip have a heart attack on me when entering a strippers....

But I think he'd appreciate the irony of sticking a picture of his wife in a strippers yaw.
For some strange reason I'd like to see Brian Sewell proper kegged.
Assuming this use of the word means "shit-faced", he's remarkably pleasant even when beginning to lose control at the knees. It's amazing who you end up drinking with in the BA lounge when your flight is delayed for 4 hours.

And how much you can put away - especially as in his case, unlike mine, he didn't have to answer to Mrs I when arriving at Edinburgh Apt.
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