Whod win in a fight between ...

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by EL-PIMPO, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Plant vs MT

    Surely the mighty MT would. A couple of wheel-nuts in a sock? ... CRACK! ... "Goodnight Irene". The noble and graceful MT wallah would memerise his usually rotund and slow witted opponate with his nimble and faster than grease lightning moves. Easily able to out manoerve the Mud Muppets mis-placed and woefully weak punches, the Mechanical Transport demi-god could then put the under-sexed Mud Shifter out of his misery by landing the mother-of-all hay makers.

    WARNING: This rumble is purely fictitious and should under no circumstances be re-enacted in any Sqn bar tonight! No planties were harmed in the writing of this message.
  2. Well dunno what planties are like nowadays, but back in the day the fat pie eating feckers would just sit on you :p
  3. MT and planties are the same thing nowadays aren't they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Come on ech troop
  4. ..........the scenario is purely fictitious..........in the REAL world the Planty & The MT gentlemen would be joined in the task of kicking the sh*t out of the thick headed knockers!

    Knockers ? I've sh*t better things.....

    DING DING.............round 3
  5. Be like watching a Sumo wrestlers bout.
  6. speaking Ficticiously of course to keep the peace :twisted: , the plant scum and MT wallahs would get a beating of the knockers and then run crying to the SQ, whilst the knockers went on to kick seven bells out of the tankies and retired to the sqn bar to laugh about it

    I crap plantys
    piss MT
    and D&V farmers

    think I need to see a medic :p
  7. MT win a fight you lot are taking the piss!!!
    Ok knockers i can understand when the planty is pissed on his own and 10 knockers come over to take advantage. And even then its a 50/50 who will come out on top.
    But MT are a bunch of fcuk wits who wouldnt find the fight let alone win it.
  8. Not convinced on you far fetched knocker comments in the slightest! you on the stella already?, but cant stop laughing about your MT comments its so true

  9. Clerk of Works Vs General Rosta,

    Check out the results.....FIGHT!!
  10. You said it Keeffy, "planty is pissed on his own and 10 knockers come over to take advantage". The knockers would all stand round him w*nking, while the planty takes it in turns to nosh them off.
  11. Couldn't you find a better one than general rosta,


    Real Results
  12. Thats fine as I am a Clerk of Works (M) and a Fitter A1!! :D