Whod be a Tory

After the leadership contest everything was tickityboo in Toryland.

But then!!!

"An ally and confidant of David Cameron has warned the Tory leader that his own MPs have started to have misgivings about the way he is running the party, believing he is making policy "on the hoof".

The message came from Mr Cameron's private parliamentary secretary, Desmond Swayne, who is charged with conveying backbench opinion. In internal emails to the Conservative leader, he also warns that there are doubts about who is in charge of the leadership operation, and that MPs believe some of his initiatives are not sustained."
And worse

Edward Leigh, who wants "to tell you to your face that you are the anti-Christ (he does not even want me there as a witness)".
And here it is in The Times, including all eight emails in glorious techicolour
Its not really a shock to hear that the lunatic fringe of the party are playing silly b*ggers, now that the post-leadership contest public goodwill has cooled. The true test of whether Cameron is an electable leader will be if he can beat the likes of Edward Leigh.

The model for this is clear - Blair used his public popularity to persuade the bulk of his party to abandon Clause 4 and other sacred cows. He faced off the old guard and won. Cameron has to do the same.

For those who say he has no principles - I'd probably agree. But he doesn't need to state his principles x years before an election, in order to have the press (and his party) stab him in the back and second-guess his policies. Why not make vague, populist statements until 6 months before the election, then release a well thought out, comprehensive set of policies. That is exactly what Blair, in opposition, did to Major and the Tories back in 1997.
Noddy winky thingy with you all the way until you said Blair released a set of well thought out comprehensive policies. I seem to remember he issued a set of meaningless soundbites, Tough on Crime - Education education - Four legs good two legs bad etc.
I'm a big fan of DC, if he keeps buggering about with the tory party, annoying all the old crusty beggers and blue rinse brigade, theres fat chance they'll ever get in power. Now thats a good thing!
until the torys get a grip and realise the world has changed a lot there never going to get back into power there in the postion of labour being lead by kinnock (i know he was an irratating welsh windbag but he got rid of most of the I love the soviet union types and almost made labour elcetable again ).
guess we can look forward to gordon running the place for another 6 years unless theres a disaster or a miracle :twisted:
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