Whod be a moderator?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by frenchperson, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Tell him to go elsewhere

  2. Give him some personal abuse

  3. Accuse him of 'bringing nothing' to the forum

  4. Imply that the majority of users don't want him around here

  5. Remove his posts (and your abusive comments) under the guise of 'getting back on topic'

  6. Fail miserably in your mission to be fair and impartial


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  1. You are a moderator on the Arrse website and a long-term 'difficult' individual turns up again, challenging the status quo and posting opinions on your forum that run counter to those held by the majority, or annoy you personally.

    What do you do?

    ....and it's goodbye from me. It's been very interesting, a good diversion for a couple of years. I've talked to some great characters, and had abuse from a few absolute knobheads - but that's life. Ultimately, it's ended in a bad way, because I'm now under the firm impression that my freedom of speech is under threat - by the very people who attack New Labour for doing the same!!!!

    Fcuk Gordon Brown.

    Long live Chavez and Viva Socialism!!!


  2. Call him a cunt as often as possible.

  3. I'd be one, but I would probably cull cunts like you.
  4. Sorry, I forgot to call you a cunt FP.
  5. Are you going? Oh, how sad.

    French who?
  6. He truly is a cunt.

    Erus, what colour pants are you wearing? You can tell me - it's not a Defence issue.
  7. Frenchcunt is such a person.

    I think.
  8. No she is a cunt.

    The cunt.
  9. I personally object to you calling Frenchperson a cnut, a cnut looks better, smells nicer and I would'nt lick him.

    Frenchperson is just a shite stirring DICKHEAD
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Legs,Dale....Stop calling FP a cnut!!!...

    As wise man once said,Cnut's are useful! (which clearly he/she/it* is not!)

    *Delete as applicable.

    Clearly FP is having a dig at PTP,
    So,lets see what recent things two PTP has done...

    1-Provided personal assistance in the fight for Mr Pun VC thru campaigning & co-ordinating the fight.
    2-Basically the same for 36 Greys Lane.

    Recent things FP has done...

    Provided er......
    Answers on a postcard please.
  11. and I want one of them, but not a French one
  12. She is a cunt.

    If you kill yourself, will you get someone to video it and put it on youtube?

    Oh and don't let the door hit your arrse on the way out.

  13. Does a French cunt taste of garlic?
  14. No mate, a frenchcunt tastes of shite.

    If it posts shite, tastes of shite, then it is shite.

    The cunt.

  15. ..........for somebody who has bitterly complained about the amount of abuse you have endured as a result of your beliefs and views you certainly are not slow in coming forward to criticise others for their beliefs and views (however odious these may be).
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