Who writes the PSAO's OJAR?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jun 30, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Just wondering...

  2. 1st RO is Coy/Bty/Sqn Comd

    2nd RO is CO
  3. Not in our battalion, it wasn't - OC had nothing to do with it, just "input to CO". Trg Maj as 1RO, CO as 2RO? Not sure.
  4. As far as I know, the OC writes the 1RO part and the CO is 2RO. I'd imagine most of them get pretty good writeups, given the amount of support they give to the OC.

    Got a complaint or something about your PSAO's performance? :D
  5. OC definitely has a role to play.

    I know that because our PSAO smarms up to our OC like he's going for a gong or something. :roll:
  6. Gravelbelly,

    It's the OC's job. Read the PSAO's job description.

    I was 1RO for my PSAO when I was OC. No way is it anything to do with the TM. If that is happening in your Bn have a bitch to the CO about it (in writing).

    The only reports I did not write in my sub-unit were for the PSIs. TM is (and should be) 1RO for them but you must have input.
  7. Sorry; didn't mean to confuse the issue. I used "wasn't" rather than "isn't"; I handed over the Company three years ago. In other words, it was CRs rather than OJARs. Similarly, I didn't say that it was right, just that it happened that way.......

    Agreed that TM as 1RO for PSIs is sensible (if only so they've got a Regular writing their report 8) ); but it does occasionally lead to the "separate command chain" issue when you've got a slightly power-crazed (or just misguided) TM who wants to run things, and the PSIs understandably work to the bloke who writes their CR.