Who wouldn't you shake hands with and why?

Abu Hamza

Edited to add.........because he's a cunt
Justin Beiber...both my hands would be too busy bitchslapping him!
Anyone at the moment just had a finger poo.


Anyone associated with the IRA, Welsh/Scottish nationalists. Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell. Although I would shake hands with Gordon Brown only so tell him I could tell him he was the worst PM in modern times.Anyone who thinks Gypos are an oppressed minority.
The farm manager who caught me trying to shoot bunnies with my air rifle last month, see Emporer Mong thread.
Yes I do read the Daily Mail.
A compulsive masturbator.

If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.

...plus any politicians...

I understand that the nurses don't often shake hands after one has made a voluntary semen donation.
Or so I've been told.


Book Reviewer
Birds. Shaking hands with birds is always a bit awkward. Your natural instinct is to slide your left hand behind their right ear, pull them forward gently and whisper "You have put this situation is entirely beyond my control you scarlet hussy" whilst slipping your right hand into the small of their back.

"Hi, my name is Kev" and a handshake is not quite the same.

I'll shake hands with any bloke. If I mean it, I'll smile. If not, I have his right hand and he is six inches down from my eye-line so I can nut the cunt.
Politicians, terrorists, any useless twunt famous from reality tv for nothin more than being a wanker and Simon Cowel
I try not to shake hands with anyone.

It's a disgusting practice well known to transmit all manner of germs and other micro-beasties. We would be far better off having the Japanese practice of a slight bow from about 10 feet away.

I had to shake my daughter's teacher's hand at a parents evening the other night and nearly vomited at the sweaty, limp specimen proffered in my direction after an evening of glad handing assembled untermenschen.

I don't have OCD, I know this because I've checked 1000 times.

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